Officers with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment are looking for a snowmobiler who chased and hit a deer in Sanilac County, in Michigan’s thumb area.¬†

State officials say a conservation officer responded to a complaint about the snowmobiler who hit the white-tailed deer in a field near the intersection of Aitken and Kilgore roads.  The incident happened December 27th.

Witnesses said the person was driving a yellow Skidoo snowmobile and first chased the deer around a field and then ran it over with the machine. The snowmobiler then left for a short time and returned to the scene and tied the deer to the snowmobile, and then drove off dragging the animal behind the snowmobile.

The officer followed the snowmobile tracks to the corner of Galbraith Line and Black River roads, where the deer was found dumped at the intersection. Tracks for the snowmobile were last visible heading east on Galbraith Line Road east of the Black River.

Anyone with information on this incident can call the DNRE’s Report All Poaching 24-hour hotline at 800-292-7800. Information may be left confidentially. Monetary rewards are sometimes distributed for information that leads to an arrest, according to the state.

Comments (4)
  1. Jan Glowinski says:

    This is disgusting I sincerely hope you catch the person
    who did this.

    1. Pat says:

      Hope he feels like a REAL MAN

  2. concerned1 says:

    As a thumb area resident , I can tell you that the mentality of a lot of the so-called hunters up there fits this creeps mindset. There just seems to be a sense of lawlessness when it comes to wildlife and forestry conservation. I suppose this could be attributed to the very thin spread of conservation officers or the laziness of the C.O.’s in the area not following through on enforcing the law. This is a sad story, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I do not believe a true sportsman exists in that area anymore, it’s all about the kill regardless of the law or not.

    1. Charles Whitman says:

      It is not fair to point the finger at all of the hunters in Sanilac county or around this area, but I am a lifelong local resident and a faithfull witness to the mental illness that plagues this area. I think it could be caused from the runoff of pesticides from the cropfields or failed septic systems into the peoples wells , like I always said,”Don’t drink the water!”. I have faith that the conversation officers will follow up and and they probably already know the man responsible. As for the ass that committed this hideous crime, Karma will get him. And when he is being prosecuted, you can bet I will be there in court to see his hanging!

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