Al Davis Looks No Younger Than 112

Al Davis introduced his new coach at a news conference and wasn’t looking too good. Maybe it’s time that Al Davis doesn’t make public appearances anymore.

  • Tim

    Ouch! Not looking well. How old is Al? BTW… No Younger THAN 112

  • chip

    Yikes! He freaks me out! No I am grossed out!

  • Matt

    Maybe Tom Cable hit him too

  • Mike

    Looks like the devil and the crip keeper had an abortion.

  • Jim

    Looks like the dude stuck in the bed for a year in the movie “7”. He needs to phone in the introduction of his new head coach next year.

  • JMusic

    So I’m inspired by Al Davis. If he can do it as a corpse than anyone can do it! Should be a children’s book.

  • JB

    I’ve heard of people who look like their dogs, but he’s starting to look like his club’s logo!

  • terry

    It’s a human Chupacabra!!!!!

  • matt

    I didn’t belive in demon possion but I do now. He makes Ford Sr. look young!

  • Rich

    I heard a rumor he is being cast as Mr. Burns in the next Simpsons movie.

  • Will Miller

    He looks like the guy from Robo Cop after he took a bath in toxic waste.

  • Joe

    GAAHHH!! No sleeping for me tonight..

  • mike

    i taught DAWN OF THE DEAD was science fiction. i guess the dead really do walk the earth.

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