Tate Forcier says he’s transferring from Michigan. Most UM fans were ready to say good riddance long before Forcier made it official today and said good-bye. I’ve seen plenty of spoiled, off the track players make a comeback and contribute to the team before they were done. I always want a player to stick around and make a bad situation a good one. Once they are gone I wish them good luck.

Greg Monroe looks like a good pick at seven. Two games in too many people were blasting the Pistons and Monroe for not getting any time early on. If you’ve been watching Monroe looks like he’s got some game.

Maggs said today that he will be able to come back and hit as well as he did before he broke his ankle. Also, Joel Zumaya sounds like he’s more of a pitcher than a hard thrower after listening to him today.
I have more confidence in Maggs than Zumaya.

Two guys that get no respect will earn a bunch if they get a win this weekend. Jay Cutler looked like a goof ball getting his trade out of Denver to Chicago but has a home game to get the Super Bowl. Mark Sanchez taken a few picks after Matt Stafford is ripped for not being a 1st round talent. If the Jets go to Indy, Foxboro and Pitt to get the Super Bowl there won’t be much to say in dogging these to QB’s …till next year.
If you’re a sports fan and our not on Twitter than you are totally missing out. Twitter 10 times better than FB but I’m betting if you’ve read this far of the Fab Five you’re a Twitter fan.


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