The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments meets Friday with the Counsel General of Canada — in what members of SEMCOG call the most important visit by a Canadian Counsel General in their history.

“Given where the trade is, given where our economy is and where the Canadian economy is, this is just a very important time for Roy Norton to be speaking to  election officials in our region,” said Executive Director of SEMCOG, Paul Tate.

In this presentation, Norton will discuss the ways that SEMCOG and the Canadian government can work together given the connectedness of our economies.

Tate tells WWJ Newsradio 950 that the new river crossing between Michigan and Canada will be the main topic of discussion, which Tate says is critical to the survival of the auto industry.

“It’s my understand that all of our three domestic [automakers] support the international crossing, because they move a lot of parts back and forth between Canada and the U.S., ultimately ending up in final assembly,” Tate said.

Opponents of the project would rather see an expansion of the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit as an alternative.


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