What will Rex Ryan do in the off season?
10. What will Rex Ryan do? I’m not sure, but I have a feeling we will be reading about him fainting during an extremely hot hokey pokey at a wedding! BG
9. What will Rex Ryan do? Try to sign tom dempsey for when he’s only partially in the mood. Wheels
8. What’s Rex Ryan going to do with his time off? He’s going to put his feet up relax and watch the movie footloose. Steve in Linden
7. What will Rex do? Drown his sorrows in Barefoot Wine and play with his sock puppets. Scott in Southgate
6. What will Rex Ryan do in the offseason? He will be vacationing in the foot state of Louisiana. Ben Auburn Hills
5. Rex will start updating the wikipedia page for the word football, and it’s gonna get WEIRD. -Jon in Maybee
4. Rex will try to bring Bristol Palin to NJ since he heard she has two left feet, and that’s just kinky!Ray in Saline
3. Rex ryan and his wife are going to direct and star in the movie happy feet. This one has no pegiuns though. Bob at work
2. What will Rex Ryan do….go toe to toe with his wife. Terry in St. Clair Shores.
1. What’s next for Rex? A new HBO series, Hard Knocks and What’s in your Crocs? Yard from Lake Orion

  1. jeff says:

    I’m tellin ya, hanging out with his buddy Jeremy Toenick since they both have time off now is funny! haha

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