Zack Follett went on a Fresno radio station ESPN Radio 1430 AM and referred to Matthew Stafford as a china doll and wanted to clear the air on the ‘China Doll’ comment. Take a listen below to what Follett had to say.

Click HERE to read comments from the Fresno interview.

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  1. Tracy X. Baldwin says:

    Along with MHR Radio the official podcast of MHR we look to provide hardcore Denver Broncos fans positive independent insight about the Broncos 24 7 365!.

  2. mattaabb says:

    Come on, you can’t talk about a teammate like that. That’s not right.

  3. KJ says:

    Not sure which was the dumbest thing – ripping on your quarterback or ripping on the quarterback from the team that won your division.

  4. Bear Down says:

    Zach Follett…a NOBODY trying to criticize a legitimate nfl quarterback in the NFC championship game, when he can barely make one of the worst teams in the NFL…the IRONY…lol

    1. Jarich says:

      No. Really, he’s right on both accounts. Stafford could potentially be great if only he can stay healthy. He is one more season ending injury away from being considered a bust.
      And Cutler is like the cast of the Wizard of Oz. No heart, no brains, no courage and he needs to find a new home because the Bears are too good of a team for this QUITTER! This coming from a Lions fan living in Chicago.
      At least Stafford went out there and finished a game with a busted shoulder.
      I’d rather have the China doll over the quitter any day.

  5. ned says:

    who cares its legit, 90% of lions fans are thinking it… thanks for reporting on nothing. imagine what people say about brett farve in green bay!

  6. Chuck F. says:

    Who the hell is Zack Follet? Just a guy who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Consequences of having am IQ lower than your number. Oh wait, my bad. Satan made those words come out of his trap, not himself. Man up and own your words Follet, Jesus would!

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