Sorry Zack. It is not that deep.
You did not need to go through a deep religious tirade. You did not have to go into a deep filibuster about being faithful with your woman.
Not for this.
Lions linebacker Zack Follett made a minor mistake when he called quarterback Matthew Stafford a China doll. Most of us heard the cut. We read the quote. Follett meant nothing vicious. He made a mistake in choice of words. That’s it.
Some people are looking for demons in your comments and dogged you. Most sane people realize you meant nothing vicious. Stafford said he is cool with it and that should be the end of the story.
Instead Follett turned a two day story into a three and four day story by having a tirade on face book. It was not necessary and this is not a case of God or the devil testing you.
Follett made a poor choice of words. People debated it. Some were on the left. Some were on the right. That should be the end of the story.

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  1. Mike says:

    He didnt do anything crazy except explain what it means to live spirtually, most of you people out there cant comprehend it. The same people who read the bible, the same people who go to church every sunday just dont understand what it means to live spiritually and continue to live worldly.

    1. wesley says:

      Rodger that Mike, Zac is just alot more open with his faith then the average joe. This man did nothing weird in my book, he felt threatened from a statement directed his way concerning his future with the Lions, and with his response, he exibited for all to know where he stands with God, a real intimate relationship to the point of always placeing Jesus 1st in his thought process, well Dialed in i would say, to the end, where as, some people might try as they will to avoid doing bad things for fear of Hell, Zac Follett deters Bad because of his genuine Love for Jesus.

  2. Brad says:

    Most people comprehend that Zack went overboard with his religious rant and justification and they keep their religious beliefs to smaller or more private forums! Wake Up…your in the minority!

  3. Zac Fitzpatrick says:

    I just dont understand where women and lustful thoughts come into play with this issue. Tom Kawolskis comments were not flaming arrows sent by the devil himself to pierce Zack Follets soul with lustful thoughts. I mean come on. Sometimes when challenges or issues are presented in ones life they are simply that, challenges, and you need to get with reality and decide how your going to handle them, not wether or not they are a test from Satan to challenge your faith. If one truly follows Gods will, he does it humbly, not looking for a pat on the back, and doesnt have to go on facebook tirades showing everyone and there mother how devoted they are to their faith.

  4. Crazy Christian Wife-Swapper says:

    Folett’s been dabblin’ in dark-sided stuff!!

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