DETROIT (WWJ)  The issues confronting people half a world away, also effect the local community. “It  (Egypt) is fairly popular, once again it’s the time of year you want to go…going to see, go down the Suez Canal, and to go see the Pyramids, (these) have been hugely popular tours and attractions for years,” says David Fishman President of Cadillac Travel in Southfield. 

Fishman points to the fact the State Department has issued a warning against travel to Egypt. 

“We get everyday, information from the State Department to see what is going on around the world and in the United States, itself, to see if there are any problems or concerns that we should relate to our clients to make sure they are safe in their travels,” Fishman says.

A curfew in Cairo is being ignored by thousands in the streets of the Egyptian capital.

The military has been deployed on the streets after a day of rioting that marked a major escalation to the challenge of President Hosni Mubarak’s  30 years of leadership.

Police fired rubber bullets and water cannons into the crowds after being stoned and confronted by demonstrators.

Egypt’s national carrier says it has suspended its flights from Cairo for 12 hours. A Cairo Airport official said a number of international airlines had canceled flights to the capital.


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