1 I figured that Brady Hoke would be able to pull some kids in before tomorrow and salvage a pretty good recruiting class top 25. Hoke had the number one thing to offer, after you have everything else in place at a top 25 school, playing time.
2. Right now I’m most excited about Michigan’s two in state running backs. Justice Hayes running back out of Grand Blanc could be a star. Under the radar a little bit and not as highly regarded is Thomas Rawls out of Flint. The one thing about Rawls though – he broke Mark Ingram’s record for rushing yds in a single game.
3. I’m picking for a deal to get done in the NFL lockout situation on Aug 1st.
4. I’m wondering who’s going to be the best man out of Rip Hamilton, Joe Dumars and Jon Kuester.
Step up talk …let’s have some transparency — if not you just let the Pistons fan base eat all of you alive.
5. After close examination I’m for the Tigers making a run at free agent DH Vladimir Guerrero.
If the negatives are that you are stalling Alex Avila growth and that you’ll have too many DH’s. I’ll live with it. If Avila really does hit the Tigers can find games for him. If there are really too many DH’s…then Jim Leyland will find away to get these guys in games. One year the Tigers are a better offense team. I’m for it.


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