(Lansing-WWJ) Many retailers are lining up behind Governor Rick Snyder’s call to repeal Michigan’s item-pricing law.

Kroger, Rite-Aid, Walgreen and Spartan are among grocery and drug store chains to submit papers to the state House Commerce Committee in support of proposed legislation to eliminate the 35 year-old law, which requires price tags to be placed on nearly every item sold in stores.

Retail trade groups say the law results in higher prices for many items. Unions, including the United Auto Workers, Michigan AFL-CIO and United Food and Commercial Workers, support item-pricing and say eliminating it will result in fewer jobs in the retail industry.

Governor Snyder called for repeal of the law during his recent State of the State address, saying new technology makes it obsolete. There’s no indication when lawmakers might act on repealing the law.

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  1. Dan says:

    Let’s us hope as consumers that the lawmakers drag their feet as they did with the non smoking law, that took years and years to pass.

  2. Dillmom says:

    What a mistake that would be. Warehouse clubs and Home Depot are exempt. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught mistakes and later enforced my rights at service desk. We hold other professionals accountable, why not retailers. This is something that affects us all and if you pay attention you can benefit from this if you choose to enforce, although I’m sure Gov Snyder isn’t reduced to counting his every penny. Why take from my pocket into the retailers?

  3. Rebel says:

    What a waist of manpower (and added cost) we have in individually labling items. Too bad Michigan is such a backward state – I have traveled all l over the world and have never seen such a system in stores. Come on Rick Snyder remove this antique requirement of labeling.

    1. M. Berry says:

      Use Your Head there Rebel, This goes into effect, and Michigan Loses JOBS!!! People get paid to do this Job and Most of them work 3rd Shift as I do. This Law comes to be, and ALOT of PEOPLE are OUT OF WORK!! Now I ask You, Does this help Michigan MOVE FORWARD or does it send MORE PEOPLE to the “UNEMPLOYMENT LINE”???? Do the math!!

  4. Jan says:

    How do we know we are being charged the right price, oft time the ticketed item and the computer are in disagreement and the computer is wrong. We would have no way to double check then.

  5. Peggy says:

    The law was passed to protect the consumer. Without the sticker, how can we double check the cashier? Computers are not always right. How can we verify that the company hasn’t changed the price and ‘forgot’ to change the sign? Especially at grocery stores it is easy to loose track of how much things cost.Signs fall off and the price on the shelves is not always correct. Keep the stickers and keep the retailers honest.

  6. Bicycledon says:

    All of these costs are passed right on to you. If you don’t trust your retailer, shop elsewhere. The market should weed out the bad.

  7. Tee says:

    making sure prices are on products, especially groceries, allows us to make decisions as we go. How long would a price conscious shopper take in order to make decisions about 40 different things if they have to check each and every products price so the shopper can buy the “best value”….it would save the retailer time and money, but cost the shopper dearly. My guess is “rebel” doesn’t do the shopping….mommy or wife does.

  8. Sonia says:

    Individual pricing helps the consumer track errors; I have had many occasions to challenge the price in the computer system. I do not like stores like Home Depot and Costco that do not have individual pricing (and why are they exempted anyway?).

    Additionally, there is NO GUARANTEE that if this requirement is dropped that any savings will be passed along to the consumer and many jobs will be eliminated (which our state does not need right now).

  9. Speed Sport says:

    The law, as it is now written, requires “item pricing” with a few exemptions. The PROPOSED law would result in “item pricing” being voluntary, with the customer deciding where to shop. It might surprise motorists that gasoline prices are not required to be posted street-side, but you don’t see many, if any, gas stations without street-side price signs. So this issue will be decided by the consumer in the end,

  10. SAUNDRA says:

    Retailers paying people to apply prices to items is simply the cost of doing business. Additionally it says they care about making shopping consumer friendly. It is often extremely difficult to find the price of an item when a price falls off the shelf, which is often, or when there is no price.
    I spent precious shoppig minutes attempting to find out the price of a 34lb box of kitty liter just a couple of days ago. There was no price on the shelf and the box was too heavy to lift up to a scanner.

  11. M. Berry says:

    What is NOT being said is this, When this Law takes effect, it means that there will be JOBS Losed. I work at Miejers in Flint Michigan. And everyone there has been told that When this Law goes into effect that “There Will Be Jobs Losed” due to higher Seniority Personal that are in the Priceing Team will no longer have wrok for them, so what does that do? They get to BUMP Lower senority Personal OUT OF THERE JOBS!!! These Companies KONW this and with what they claim that with all the Priceing that they have to do cost these companies up to 2.2 billion a year. well now I wonder just exactly why they want this soooo Baddly? One is cut Jobs they dont have to pay for Overtime, Insurance or any other benefits that the Employee would have coming to them over there period of employment!! Once again, Lets get rid of Jobs and keep Michigan Moving in the SO CALLED RIGHT DIRECTION!! Wahy to go Govenor!!

  12. M. Berry says:

    so i misspelled some words. I have Arthitis, Get over it! lol

    1. Peter Gazinnia says:

      Meijers in Flint, Huh? Were you the one I had to remind–TWICE–that there were other items on the corner of the scanner weighing my veggies? (Pierson Rd store)

      Arthritis doesn’t explain your dizzying logic and poor command of the English language, nor does it explain your lack of spelling ability and odd capitalization.

      By the way–anything that would allow any employer to show someone like yourself the door has my full support.

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