Stink Bugs Make Their Way Into Michigan

DETROIT (WWJ) Move over Bed Bugs!  Say hello to Sink Bugs!   The Michigan Agriculture department has confirmed the brown marmorated stink bug has made its way into Michigan.

Specimens were found last month in two Michigan counties.

Agriculture spokesman Jennifer Holton says the bug threatens the states 71 billion dollar agriculture industry.

WWJ Newradio 950’s Marie Osbone reports these bugs love certain crops.

The potentially impacted fruits are “apples, peaches, mulberries, it could impact corn,” says Holton, “What is does, is that it feeds on the tree fruit, like apples results in a characteristic distortion called ‘cat-facing’ and basically renders the fruit unmarketable as a fresh product.” 

The bugs do come indoors and if you squish one or get it caught in the vacuum cleaner, it makes itself known by a distinct odor.

“It doesn’t smell pretty,”  Holton says, “the best method for
controlling stink bugs indoors is by sealing entry points and door trim or cracks around windows, exhaust vents, air conditioners or ceiling fixtures that type of thing.”

“If there is a silver lining , it’s that it was detected early, so early detection and rapid response programs are really crucial for dealing successfully with exotic pests,” adds Holton.


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