Forget Litigation And Legislation; Let’s Talk-Snyder Says

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LANSING (WWJ) – The fight to control the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department continues.

As the issue is discussed in sound bites between various parties; Governor Rick Snyder says the case is being handled incorrectly.

Snyder says instead of creating litigation and legislation, people should be sitting down and having quiet discussions about the issue.

“What, again, are the facts – of the history of the water system, what are the issues and problems, and how can we address this in a calmer fashion, before people resort to things  that are largely being discussed in the media that  are causing this divisive attitude. One thing that I am focused on, that I want to encourage, and I’ve said this many times, this new culture in Michigan that is more positive, forward-looking and inclusive,” says Gov. Snyder.
Snyder, speaking on Channel 7’s Spotlight on the News says current discussion with the water system is not meeting those metrics at all.

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