Sylvan Lake-based Stone Soap, a longtime maker of car wash detergent, announced it had Environmental Protection Agency approval for its first chemical foray into bird aversion products, Avian Control.

The product is nontoxic, made of food-grade materials, and is currently in use at at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, seeing a lot of success in keeping birds out of and away from the various hangars and planes.

Avian Control has shown to be more effective than past chemicals used at DTW, and requires less frequent applications as well.

The manufacturer said Avian Control distinguishes itself from other bird repellent products with its applicability via fog or spray, enhanced rain resistance and increased period of effectiveness due to its ability to resist microbial and ultraviolet degradation.

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  1. Birdmaster Bird says:

    Humane bird control systems are the best solution for any type of bird infestation.There is no need to poison or kill them.

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