DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s yet another sign that General Motors is back in business. There’s word that workers will be getting some of the largest profit sharing checks in the history of the automaker.

The exact amount is not expected to be known before February 14, but a senior UAW official tells the Detroit News that he anticipates GM bonuses to top the average check of nearly $1,800 received by each worker back in 1999 – and that was GM’s largest payout ever.

The automaker confirms there will be a profit-sharing payout given their profits through September of $4.2 billion.  It’s possible GM could top the bonuses with incentive pay to set the tone going into contract talks this summer.

Last month, Ford had payouts averaging $5,000 per worker — and Chrysler’s blue collar workers got a performance incentive check for $750 — even though the company did not turn a profit and were not bound by contract to provide any bonus.

With all three Detroit automakers doling out bonus checks once again, WWJ’s Ron Dewey reports autoworkers are a little  more optimistic.

Punching in, Tuesday, at Chrysler’s Warren Stamping Plant, one worker said it’s a good sign, but there’s still a ways to go. 

“They took away a lot. They took away a lot of our money and a lot of our benefits, but something… every little bit helps,” he said.

“It’s uplifting, I guess you could say,” said another Chrysler worker. “I’m happy we’re getting it… it’s not a big lump sum of money, but I’ll take it,” he said.

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  1. lisa says:

    This statement is not a reflect on the workes, but rather on the company and its decision makers itself. How can a company that takes federal loans determine to use that money to give away to workers, rather than stabilize the business. Something doesn’t add up

    1. jack says:

      when you invest in your employees you are investing into the workers need something bright to look forward too.. they’ve been through the hell too

      1. eric says:

        The only gm workers that have gone through hell,are the ones that have been laidoff over a year myself..and we won’t see JACK $#!^..You have to have 30 years in to be working in my plant..The people won’t retire unless the company gives them a Buyout.They just keep milking the company…and they act like the company owes them something.The people laid off losing thier Homes are the one that need a check.The union faught for 30 and out,five weeks vacation..All the high senority people don’t take the vacation time…they take the money,They won’t retire..the gm workers have had the best pay and benefits for the last 25 years…And all us new hires are getting &%#!ED.I have 14 years in and they keep taking everthing from us..our pay will be next..

    2. rick says:

      yeahhhh!!!! were in the money!!!!

    3. rick says:

      i havent had a raise in 7 yrs.took a $8000.00 cut in pay, now its finally paying off, uaw and proud!!!!!!!

  2. A Michigan Resident says:

    Answer to Lisa,

    Long term business success requires a long term business plan, something hard to do when executive management changes every 4 or 5 years, or in GM’s case every 4 or 5 months. The collapse of Detroit automotive reflects short term decision making for short term profits. Long term investment in advanced engineering and manufacturing technology requires administrative support and knowledge.

    Detroit and Michigan economy and employment suffer from non-Michigan residents running Michigan business. How many outside auto executives remain living in Michigan after their tenure? Michigan success will come from those who love this state

  3. DEW530 says:

    To Lisa: We agree with you. OK, it’s great that GM is on the road to recovery — for now — but instead of spending money so lavishly on bonuses and Super Bowl ads (which in our opinion, the Chrysler 200 add beat hands down), how about paying back us taxpayers for the millions tha they begged from us?

    To A Micgigan Resident: We think that an outstanding exception to your conclusion is Ford’s Alan Mullaly. With the help and support of all of the good people at Ford Motor Company, he engineered a brilliant turnaroubd at the Company. Regrettably, he probably won’t stay around after his contract is up, but we submit that no one can detract form his contribution to the Micgina economy and employment.

    1. jack says:

      GM HAS paid back a huge part of the loans way ahead of schedule…

    2. Kim Ferguson says:

      It was a loan not a bailout!!!!! they have made the required payments!!!!! If you want your taxpayer dollars back go after the banks!!!!!!!

  4. Joe Henderson says:

    Government Motors and Chrysler are paying out bonuses when they still owe the taxpayers billions of dollars? These guys are worse than the wall street bankers.

    Boycott GM & Chrysler!!!!Jo

    1. Unwilling GM Owner says:

      It’s worse than that; GM will NEVER pay back your gift, as a taxpayer, in the form of a poorly reported $45.4 billion tax credit via a special TARP provision.

    2. Brian Wiley says:

      Joe where have you been? The loans were payed back. The Goverment has stock in the company that the goverment elected not to sell. So lets get it right.. Loans are payed back..

  5. Unhappy with GM says:

    Since I’m a taxpayer and therefore part owner of GM, I expect the federal loans to be repaid in full before the company hands out bonuses to overpaid executives, bloated middle management and lazy UAW workers.

    1. Thos Paine says:

      No one has said “jack” about the bailout for the financial industry which DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REPAID. GM is ahead of schedule on their loan repayment; the link by Joe above is information on a tax break, not the loan schedule.

      Do you know first-hand that UAW workers are lazy? I, and the dedicated, honest tradesmen I work with – put in a long, hard, productive day in a factory with NO air conditioning. We daily endure dirty, dangerous, and less-than-ideal conditions and are paid a FAIR wage for our skills (journeymen). We work as hard as anyone else to earn a living and provide for our families…

      Since you’re posting between 8 and 5 – I submit that YOU’RE using your company time to peruse the news and are DISHONEST and taking advantage of your employer! (I am not on day shift and am posting on my own time).

      Shame on everyone who makes judgments about people and situations they know nothing about.

      1. Wayne says:

        AMEN Brother!! Fellow GM tradesman

  6. Unwilling GM Owner says:

    @Unhappy: You’re going to have a long wait, because GM doesn’t have to pay back $45.4 billion in tax credits the you & other taxpayers granted them under a special TARP provision.

  7. Dan says:

    OK people, have any of you ever worked in a automotive factory? I mean really worked in conditions that suck every ounce of energy out of your body and soul? Also, from Lee Iacocca to Alan Mulally, it’s always the workers that saved the companies, not any temporary God like executive. All those upper management gurus always have there golden parachutes, and when they leave, take millions of dollars with them. So give me a break, if you want to look at the real taxpayer money sucking companies, look no farther than your bank.

    1. rsii0210 says:


      Just like ALL JOBS…YOU APPLY FOR THEM! If you have a problem with your working conditions rather than buying a new car/truck. Drive beater and EDUCATE YOURSELF! Then these poor lowly workers, the proletariat/illiterate who earns much more than they are producing could apply to be am GM executive.

      Right to work!!

      1. Thos Paine says:

        @ rsii0210;

        Wow, your reply shows your lack of intelligence AND obvious ignorance about the auto industry (not to mention poor grammar skills). Personally, I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University and have completed almost half of my MBA, in addition to successfully completing a 7,400 hour apprenticeship for the position I hold at GM. My co-workers hold similar credentials and work hard to provide for their families.

        Dan and I choose to work in less than ideal conditions precisely because we ARE educated, and due to the economy or simple logistics of this being the best gig in town – put in an honest day’s work at a job which is frequently “mind-numbingly” boring. The “proletariat/illiterate” worker DOES NOT EXIST at at ANY of the General Motors plants I have worked in, and your statement is a glaring example of misinformed pseudo-intellectuals who get their “facts” from Fox News and corporate-backed propaganda. Read the history of the industrialization of America and LEARN the truth: the “white collar worker” in America would not enjoy the benefits and working conditions they have today if it weren’t for the rights unions fought for back in the early days.

    2. Unwilling GM Owner says:


      Your view is one-sided; It takes both a competent leadership & a dedicated work force to save the company. GM certainly didn’t have the former; Every 4 months or so. And if you’ve been in an assembly plant for more than a tourist event, you know that there are dedicated workers & not so dedicated workers

      BTW: Yes, I’ve worked in the auto industry for almost 32 years.

      1. Brian Wiley says:

        You have that in all jobs..

  8. Dave says:

    Hey! Give me a few billion dollars of bond holder money and then wipe out the entire debt. I will give my employees and the community at large a lot more than what GM is handing out. This is a government sponsored ponzi scheme. How can these smug guys from GM face themselves in the mirror!

  9. James says:

    Whatever!! Pay the bonuses GM! You’re a great Company.

    Just to let you know, my opinion has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a GM employee, and will receive a huge bonus. Thanks Tax Payers!!!

  10. Andy says:

    First of I would like to say anyone that says let GM or Chrysler fail is a complete idiot. Take small to medium cities with plants in there community without them see how small business and even large business’s begin to collapse. The bigger picture they share alot of suppliers for example if GM were to close many suppliers would not make enough money to stay open causing a domino affect to other automakers. Second, if you think GM and Chrysler is the only Auto-Company to take Grants or Loans to stayin business you out of your mind do some research Ford used just as much tax-dollars last year just not as publicized as the bail-out with GM is even paying back quicker then the guidelines requested. I say Congrates To GM and Ford may your business continue to GROW!!!!!! and to all the people that keep buying foreign cars because your really smart why do you think other companies caught up….had to use your tax-dollars to fix this which in real life might have cost you a penny now (which actually cost the average american for the bailout so if u really need your penny back ill mail you one)

    1. Brian Wiley says:

      Well said.

    2. Wayne says:

      Thanks Andy, very true words.I am from Michigan. A state that is suffering in more ways than I can count. Highest unemployment, taxes are nuts, gas price is high. Michigan was and I say was the center of automobile production. Now that the big three have shuttered so many plants it is no longer the giant of old. Now… Michigans tax base is suffering so bad that it can hardly keep above water. Who do you think payed the vast majority of those taxes? The workers that worked for the big three have been dwindled down so much that people don’t realize where that tax money came from to bolster the economy. Andy you are so rite. Keep on buying those foreign cars people. I mean it’s not like China already owns us…

  11. laura says:

    Personaly I come from a G.M. Family of workers. So I have seen both sides. I would like to see G.M. Finish paying off the debt to tax payers. Or give that bonus money to inncentives for buyers to buy there product.

  12. Brian Wiley says:

    They can’t change the rules in the middle of the game.. The UAW agreement calls for a Profit sharing if there are profits. Or do you think only the Execs should get it?

  13. Unhappy with GM says:

    If GM, Chrysler or Ford are truly to make “comebacks,” they’ll have to get rid of the UAW. Unions may have been good in the 1930s, but today, they serve to protect workers who perform at sub-par levels and give them extravagant benefits. Job bank? Day off to go hunting? Cheap co-pays on prescriptions? All this and more for a workforce largely operating with a high school diploma. And the American auto companies are floating thousands of retirees who haven’t worked in years. That’s gotta stop. Executive and management pay must also fall back in line with reality. How in the world can a company that begged for a bailout in Washington D.C. two years ago suddenly be able to shell out extravagant bonuses? Something doesn’t smell right here.

    Mark my words: GM, Chrysler and Ford will go down the same path and wind up begging the government for another bailout. Could be in 5, 10, 20 years. It will happen, but the government cannot afford to keep bailing out failed companies that aren’t smart enough to operate efficiently or make competitive products.

    1. Charlie says:

      And where do you work that you don’t work for a retirment or Don’t you work and just living off the taxpayer . I worked hard for GM and I earned that retirment !!

    2. Tommy says:

      If Gm went down it might not hurt you but I know it soon will hurt a family member a friend or some one you care about down the road trust me this is how sh?t works

  14. alley cat says:

    i’ve worked for gm for 12 yrs and had to up root and change factorys jst to keep my job, a job of which i had to take college courses to be qualified for to begin with. the benefits have dwindled to near nothing, the pay scale hasn’t changed much since i started. i love a good quality vehicle so i stay to make sure america can have a brand that meets the everyday needs. for those of you who call us lazy, who’s the one that took the steps, worked hard in class, and went above and beyond to get here. oh wait thats not you, you’d rather gripe about us. keep sending your money overseas and see how long you keep your job where you’re at now.furthermore the UAW has had its ups and downs but anyone who blames the union blames themself, we the workers are the union and those who have a problem with it needs to not depend on representation so much to be their fall guy. no matter where you go you’re gonna have some who work harder than others, we are all human and have our limitations, dosn’t make anyone worth more than anyone else. i wish we could all be provided for as well as i provide for my children but there are those who will and those who won’t. all things come about by choice. don’t ridicule those who made a choice to be where you envy now.

    1. eric says:

      alley cat…Love It!

  15. chris says:

    What abt giving the GM retirees a little of that bonus. The ones that are now living on a fixed income but yet we have to pay our own income tax and the copays on insurance keep going up. Oh and when you hit 62 no matter if you wanted it or not you have to apply for social security and take the lower amount because your pension is cut about 60%. So all you workers that think you have it so bad get a life and think about when you retire and then all your work for General Motors goes down the tubes.

    1. Unahppy with GM says:

      Waaaah! I gotta pay a copay on my prescription! It used to be free! WAAAH!

      You got extravagant pay and benefits for years at GM, long vacations with pay, pay every time the UAW went on strike, paid time off during plant shutdowns, paid day off to go hunting, pay with day off to go vote (even though the polls are open long hours), and then you took an early retirement with a cushy pension.

      And now you want more money?

      Detroit’s problem is the attitude of entitlement. That needs to disappear. The era of pensions is gone, buddy. If you want funds for retirement, you gotta fund it yourself. Ever hear of a 401K or IRA?

      GM went bankrupt in part because it’s floating thousands upon thousands of retirees who are sucking money out of the company to fund cheap health care and large pensions. Market share has been drastically reduced because people want to buy foreign cars that are built with quality in mind. The gravy days of the 1970s-1990s aren’t coming back. GM has to be leaner and cut costs in order to survive and compete with multiple car manufacturers, including foreign. It’s a global economy, whether you like it or not.

      You want more money? It’s simple, step out of retirement and get a job.

      1. Debbie says:

        You, my friend, are MISINFORMED!!! Maybe you should work on the assembly line for a couple of days and you wouldn’t be talking the talk. You sound like a jealous person who didn’t get an opportunity. WAAHH!!

      2. Thos Paine says:

        Wow, who ARE you? GM & other corporations pay the same type of benefits to their workers as many US corporations. Government worker? One of the benefits is matching 401(k) contributions, a low co-pay for prescriptions, and accrued time off for every hour worked. Benefits vary by company, but most offer similar benefits as GM…are you upset because a gasp! auto worker gets benefits similar to those holding a white collar job?!

        You must be working for a company that has poor benefits and NO retirement, or you wouldn’t be making such biased, unsupported statements. I have almost 15 years in at GM, and at present date, my retirement would be $656per MONTH at retirement age, which is not a “large” pension in any stretch of the imagination. Get educated and stop believing every rumor you’ve ever heard about auto workers.

  16. Debbie says:

    DId GM forget about profit sharing for GM RETIREES!!??? What happened to GM’s promise that GM RETIREES would get back all of their health/vision/dental benefits if GM became profitable again?! GM RETIREES should be getting a profit sharing check, just as current workers are about to get!

  17. chris says:

    Retirees are by no means living on cushy pensions. Like Debbie said we lost dental, vision and have to pay part of the insurance which we were not suppossed to do. Also turn 62 and you lose 60% of your pension to collect a lower cut of social security whether you want to or not, so yes retirees should get something.

  18. steve c says:

    GM,barrowed the money because that was the smart thing to do. GMdidnt need the money nor have they ever been in trouble.this was just a scam to get cuts from the workers and the company cried wolf so they all you people rember when profit sharing started,employees were supposed to get a nice check ,ford did christler did gm naha ours was reinvested into other companies.then gm sold thoes companies for huge profits,smart gm.did the workers see anything on that scame of profit has been good at promising big things but somehow they never come across.

  19. Scott Y says:

    I work For Toyota, so I know first hand what the economy has done to the automotive industry. The employees of all these companies have taken big hits, and sacrafises in there income. Have gone years without theres bonus, without pay raises or cost of living raises and have taken cuts in there benifets and are having to pay out more for insurance. so, dont be upset with the automotive employees who have done without, to start getting back there income that they have done without. What alot of people dont know, is that bonuses are part of our overall wage and benifts package.

  20. paul says:

    G m made a lot of the profits from taking away benifits from its retires, why dont it give some of it back to us, we would like a bonus too

    1. Ken says:

      You got it right What do we get… They forget we gave up to help them


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