Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 2-14-11

Ways you can tell the Westminster Dog Show is here…
10. You can tell its dog show time because one chain of hotels booked up 1st. The Red Woof Inn. Fr. SHAWN ON A TRASH TRUCK
9. How do we know its dog show time…Joakim Noah will not come out from under the bed? Joe Belleville
How do we know its dog show time? Snookie was spotted actually taking a shower and she didn’t drink all night so 8. She was focused and ready for the big day-Lee
7. FROM: Deuce…people stop the Odom’s on the street and ask Lamar what breed Khloe is
6. Richie D -we know its dog show time because after talking with Dallas, NY imported over 10,000 dog walkers to deal with the shortage.
5. How to know its dog show time? All the pubs around Madison Square Garden were filled with Irish Wolfhounds getting drunk, singing loudly, and fighting their friends. Karl Sterling hts
4. How to tell that it’s dog show time. . . Sam Cassel and his dog astro entered… Cory
3. How do you know its dog show day? Snoop dogg passed the required drug test. Joe Capac
2. Ways to tell its dog show time: Mark Sanchez’s dog has been seen scouting all the new puppies
1. The poker playing dogs are giving up the game to watch the hotties on the run way. Craves @ work


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