Auburn Hills-based Plex Systems Inc. Tuesday announced the availability of a new case study outlining how its enterprise resource planning software, delivered as a service over the Internet, enabled a manufacturer to improve performance and profitability, achieving a 456 percent return on investment.

This success came after the Vassar-based foundry had been told by a large Plex Online competitor that it would never be able to implement an ERP system given the complexities of its operation.

Formerly owned by Grede, the foundry was purchased by Revstone for its Metavation Division last year. Revstone had been using Plex Online in most of its other 50 global plants and launched Plex within a few months of the acquisition.

Casting foundry processes present an array of unique challenges that cannot be met using standard off-the-shelf ERP systems. The tracking of raw material consumption is one such challenge; Plex Online was able to address the challenges thanks to the flexibility of its features.

Today the system provides Vassar with the meaningful, timely and comprehensive information needed to effectively manage inventory, track production, maintain equipment, monitor usage and improve quality. Because the Software as a Service (SaaS) system is completely integrated, it helps improve performance in virtually every operation at the foundry.

“When the SAP team failed at implementing its ERP system, Grede was told that it just wasn’t possible to bring an ERP into the foundry’s operations,” said Revstone IT Business Application Manager Janice D’Amico. “Yet, here we are today with Plex Online not only meeting our needs, but helping us turn the company around. I guess the key was to bring in the right solution.”

The complete study, “Revstone’s Vassar Foundry Trims Inventory in Half, Achieves 456 Percent ROI,” is available at the Plex Systems Resource Center.

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