TROY (WWJ) – It’s a story that Troy police say takes the cake… literally. Lt. Robert Redmond says fifteen people showed up for a one-year-old’s birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese on John R, and disappeared after the hostess presented the bill to the party.

“One of the people at the party said, “Well, the person that is going to pay is not here yet so you have to come back.” So she went to the back room for a little bit and when she came back out the party was gone and so was the cake. And nobody paid the bill. So they did a little research on their video system and saw the people running to the van as it was driving out of the parking lot,and they were all jumping in,” Redmond said.

But Redmond says they believe they have the identity of the man responsible thanks to video surveillance.

“It’s good video, we’ve got a good picture of the guy that was at the party and matched the description of the person that left his name and phone number when he called to rent the room, so we’ll be paying him a little visit.”

Comments (2)
  1. sally says:

    I hope when they catch them all they have to face Judge Drury. He’s way past tough. Would be nice to have him go overboard on someone who deserves it like he does to those who don’t.

    1. Sally Hart says:

      I totally agree. What a lesson to be teaching kids. That’s it all right to steal (because that’s what they did). Just because they stole from a business does not make it any less wrong. I hope the judge orders the whole party into court to answer for what they did.

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