Highlights Of Gov. Snyder’s Budget Proposal – Daily Poll

(Lansing-WWJ) Governor Rick Snyder has provided the Associated Press with details of the budget proposal he will present to state lawmakers Thursday.

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The 45 billion dollar proposal for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1 cuts spending for public schools, universities and local governments and proposes replacing the unpopular Michigan Business Tax with a flat six-percent income tax on major corporations.

In additon, the blueprint includes a controversial proposal to eliminate the state income tax exemption for private pensions plus a tax break for low-income workers, saving, Snyder says, an estimated 1.7 billion dollars.

Republican Snyder will give lawmakers just two bills. One includes all education funding, the other covers everything else. He’s asking the Legislature to give his budget final approval by May 31.

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  • R Ostyn

    Retirees and Seniors are the last people we should burden more with taxes on pensions. It’s a low down, dirty dog trick to propose this after the election. It;s like kicking the old lady who;s fallen and canlt get up.
    Micjgan Public Schools need MORE help, not LESS.
    Taxing Pensions and cutting school funding…WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

    • sandra

      I agree with R Ostyn, schools are already operating on a shoestring and elderly people already have to decide whether to eat or take medication now you want to take more of their money away! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG
      plus where’s the lottery money???

  • Michelle

    Only pensions would be taxed like many seniors without pensions who have to work have their incomes taxed. Almost every other state does this. Note that social security will not be taxed. I am concerned for teachers who in Michigan were required to pay 3 percent of their salary starting last September. Many are on shoestring budgets already with college loans and further required education they have to pay for. The “plush” compensation for teachers in absolutely inaccurate.

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