LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, speaking live on WWJ Newsradio 950 Friday morning, defended his $45.9 billion budget plan.

Listen to the Interview:

“It’s more than simply doing a cut here, another thing there. It’s really just saying the total picture,” Snyder told WWJ’s Greg Bowman and Robert Jasina.

“We have a broken tax system and we have a broken budget system and it’s time to put the whole thing together the right way,” he said.

Snyder said that while his budget plan calls for spending cuts for schools, that money will be recaptured.

“When you talk about (Kindergarten) through (grade) twelve, if you look at it, we propose cuts somewhere over the $5 million range. But, at the same time, we were able to mention at least two items that more than make up for what that cut would be that are best practice… that are best for us for the longterm,” Snyder said.

“They include things like health care premiums — going to an eighty-twenty split on those things, instead of having people pay zero to ten percent.  That brings back $300 million of that $500 million, just with that single action,” he said.

Snyder went on to say that he knows people are upset, but he said residents need to stop thinking about what they’re losing, and focus instead on where they’ll end up. He said Michigan will be stronger in the long run.

When asked about jobs, Snyder said he can’t promise an exact number — but he did say his budget will boost employment in the state.

“You can’t put a specific number on it, but very clearly it incentives positive economic activity and will create jobs of all types,” Snyder said. “Great jobs at the high-end in terms of technology, innovation jobs; but it’ll create minimum wage jobs. We need jobs of all types because we have a serious unemployment and underemployment problem,” Snyder said.

The governor said he wants to have the budget passed by May 31.

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Comments (14)
  1. TaterSalad says:

    As a reitred auto worker myself I can agree with this budget proposal and having to pay a state tax on my pension if the collection of taxes is fair and goes to all parties involved in this state. The previous Governor had kicked the can down the street for the next administration to handle the deficit, thereby putting off the inevitable budget cuts. Pathetic! As long as this proposal is fair across the board I believe that it will win over greed. We in this state can be better than the morons in Wisconsin that are showing the greed they have owver sanity.

  2. charles belenchia says:

    Social Secutity at a national level is under attack…Now pensions are under attack here in Michigan……Why do Republicans dislike the middle class so much.?..Gov. Snyder why not have the Attorney General of MI.file suit looking into the WALL ST robbery at the end of the BUSH Admin,,,the continuing robbery under the Obama Admin….White collar crime pays well and now the Mi Republican Party wants to increase taxes on Seniors……..Go after the CROOKS and leave Seniors alone…..Oh to have a republican such as Gov. Milliken again back in office,,of course moderate republicans are as rare as roses in January in this TEA PARTY atmosphere. Charles Belenchia

  3. H. Diegel says:

    Governor Snyder’s budget proposal includes elimination of state income tax exemptions for public and qualified private pension plans. This is not an adjustment of the exemptions, mind you, but an indiscriminate elimination. Such an action places an unfair burden of Michigan’s economic woes squarely on the shoulders of people who depend on fixed income to survive their “twilight years”. Based on a quick calculation, elimination of the private plan pension exemption from my 2010 tax increases my Michigan tax liability by 139% (nearly $2,000 increase). Pensioners with public plans will be hit even harder. In my opinion, this proposed action is excessive, unreasonable and unwarranted. This action will not move Michigan forward; it will simply cause affected people to seriously consider moving out of state, resulting in a permanent loss of revenue to the state.

  4. Bill says:

    Governor Snyder. I appreciate the tough decissions you are making including taxing pension plans. Please do what has to be done to balance the state budget.

  5. Mary P. Sclawy says:

    I would prefer not to have my pension taxed. If we can’t afford it, hoever, I understand. Income is income. However, I do think that public pensions in the state must also be taxed even if it requires an amendment to the law to achieve that parity. Income is income. Mar Sclawy

  6. Dave says:

    Mr. Snyder wants to run the State as a business, so let’s do it. We the citizens of Michigan are the employers for all State workers and services.
    Starting at his office; tie his salary and compensation to the economic perforance of the State, no bonuses. Limit the number of assistants he may have on staff to 2.
    Develop a flat rate tax system for all incomes, public and private. One rate for businesses and one for the rest of us. No exemptions or deductions. That could effectivly reduce the accounting costs for the State and make it “fair” for everyone.

  7. John says:

    Well put Dave. I am sick and tired of giving back, maybe I would not have retired had hindsight been with me. You work for me Mr. Snyder, hoe about I take some of your money to spread around.

  8. Poor Nell says:

    Dear Gov. Snydely Whiplash,

    Stay out of my pension, my contracts, and my pocket “full” of nickles and dimes. Is that you peeking in my bedroom window?

  9. john says:

    You Republicans are all alike , I have not seen one that has done anything good for the working men and women in this state. The middle class people are getting pensions that they earned after working hard for 30 yrs or more , How much are you getting in stocks and bonds?( millions I believe )

  10. johnboy6528 says:

    If you have one foot in the grave , you are exempt? 67 or older , that is discrimination !!! I worked 30 yrs to get what little I have and apart of it is taken away by you , you are nothing but a crooked politician I hate you republicans , you are not here for us , but yourselves !! CROOKS !!

  11. johnboy6528 says:

    I am thinking about what I am losing ,I am gonna end up in the poorhouse because of you bozos , WAKE UP YOU REPUBLICAN IDIOTS!!!

  12. johnboy6528 says:


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