The Covisint subsidiary of Detroit-based Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq: CPWR) announced Monday a partnership with HealthShare Montana to offer Montana health providers secure access to patient medical and administrative information at the point of care.

Covisint made the announcement at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society HIMSS11 Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

“Our goal was to bring the first-ever statewide IT backbone that connected all Montana physicians,” said Loren Schrag, executive director for HealthShare Montana. “We also are providing our caregivers with quality and performance metrics to help them deliver the best care possible — efficiently and effectively — and only Covisint offered the secure infrastructure we needed at a price we can afford.”

Sparsely populated geographies traditionally have not had access to the latest high-tech health care, often putting these regions at a competitive disadvantage in attracting new businesses or residents. Technology, however, can have a huge impact in leveling the health care playing field, enabling even rural physicians to have the same access to information and specialists that doctors in metropolitan areas have. Covisint technology enables HealthShare Montana to create statewide connectivity and access to health care resources resulting in better care delivered more efficiently and effectively.

Covisint’s DocSite solution creates a shared guideline dictionary for HealthShare Montana, enabling access to common questions and answers that can be used across various electronic medical and health records. The Covisint solution also can be used by community care teams and by physician practices with or without an EHR.

“HealthShare Montana chose to connect physicians statewide by leveraging the same secure infrastructure that has already benefited other state populations,” said Brett Furst, Covisint vice president of health care. “This is going to allow the State of Montana to begin impacting the quality of care while bending the cost curve as early as this summer.”

HealthShare Montana supports, promotes and encourages the exchange of secure and reliable health information among stakeholders and regional networks to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of healthcare through the adoption of electronic health records and health IT

The Covisint ExchangeLink platform provides industry-specific services for identity management, collaborative portals and data exchange, as well as a third-party application marketplace. Learn more at

  1. Tatersalad says:

    The same company who hired the convicted felon, Kwame Kilpatrick, mayor of Detroit as a salesman. He made “one” small sale in 2 years before heading back to prison. Compuware/Covisint and Pete Karmanos are loosers!

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