Canton Man Killed In Multi-Vehicle Crash

WESTLAND (WWJ) – A 28-year old Canton man has died after a multi-car accident in Westland.

Police tell WWJ Newsradio 950 the man suffered a medical emergency later Thursday night, lost control and hit several vehicles at the intersection of Ford and Wayne Roads. 

The victim was taken to Garden City Hospital where he died.

Police say there were no other injuries in the crash.  The victim’s name was not immediately released, pending notification of his family.

  • Ed B

    it’s JCAHO recognized so: “six of one, half dozen of the other?”

  • Andrea

    What kind of medical emergency did a 28 year old have????

    • eddie r

      Any age can have a medical emergency. What kind of insensitive ignorant comment was that ?

    • Celeste

      This happened to a woman I worked with.
      She went into a diabetic coma while she was driving, and struck another vehicle. Thankfully, she wasn’t seriously hurt.

      This could have happened to anyone.

  • tim

    this 28 year old War Hero, had a blood clot.

  • Sal

    Jimmie shut up stupid

  • donna

    are you saying a 28 year old cannot have a medical emergency? diabetes is the first thing to check for

  • Therese

    My prayers go out to this young man and his family. Any age person can have medical conditions, are people ignorant or what?

  • debbie rennie

    Your all a bunch of insensitive morons who really need to grow up and get a life . My prayers go out to the family of this unfortunate young man.

  • torres

    ,look guys i served in iraq with the 28 year old he was a great man and a war hero….dont say bad things about him

  • king

    Andrea, i am sure you are on drugs, and too dumb to understand the real world

  • andrea

    I’m not saying anything bad about him. geez…I just asked a question. I have always associated “medical emergencies” with older people (heart attacks).

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