FBI Needs To Explain ‘Short Ride’ In Stolen Ferrari

DETROIT (WWJ) – Somebody’s got some explaining to do.

A Michigan insurance company is suing the FBI and Department of Justice for failing to produce records showing how an agent crashed its $750,000 Ferrari.

Court records say the F-50 was recovered in Kentucky in 2008 after being stolen from a Ferrari dealership in Pennsylvania in September 2003.

Justice officials say FBI Special Agent Frederick Kingston took a “short ride” with an Assistant U.S. Attorney and crashed the car moments after leaving the  warehouse where it was being stored as evidence.

  • shyam prasad

    one day i called FBI, they told “don’t take life risk” what is that?? is that a MAFiA gang or what??
    coming to FBI story
    bomb blasts in Mumbai who did??? FBI,
    what abt this Ferrarie car? same FBI

    They steal small small things to killing ppl. Very dangerous dept. Psychological problem. Only thieves join there. These Beggars talking laws(F.LAWS) (everybody has to listen???) What a dept ? what a dept? what world we are in!

    They started branch in Hyderabad(FBI thief center),INDIA also. Only Laws(F.LAWS).
    “They don’t comment on these items?”
    Only LAWS & and most importantly Food Poisons

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