DETROIT (WWJ) – As Michigan faces a 1.4 billion dollar deficit, Governor Snyder has proposed taxing pensions.  Local seniors have other ideas how the state can raise money, but A. Griffin, of Detroit says don’t tax his pension.

Griffin says, “they’re going to tax my pension , take the water, they have put a stranglehold on us.”

Beth Fisher reports some seniors have other ideas of how the state can raise money.
Janie Vaughn, of Detroit, says charge a fee for people who use Belle Isle, but don’t tax her pension.Vaughn says she’s very upset because what is there to tax? “I’m already taxed to death . I get little pension and social security…what is there to tax?” Vaughn says.

“They could put a tax on our park, like Belle Isle, what other park you go to that you can drive in free? Why can’t they charge two dollars per car or whatever, that would help the city,” says Vaughn.

Vaughn also says to cut the waste in government, while Marilyn Williams has a message for Governor Snyder.

“Why would you put a granny-tax on the seniors and supplement it, in the fill the hole for the big corporations,” says Williams of Detroit.

“What about you, I understand that you are going to give up your one year, your salary, but what about your staff, (and their salaries),” says Williams.

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  1. TaterSalad says:

    As a member of the retired folks of Michigan with a small pension, Tea Party member, I have NO problem of kicking in my fair share of taxes on my pension. Keep it fair across the board. We can not “pick and choose” who does and doesn’t pay their fair share of taxes. However, the governor should fix and correct the illegal immigration problem first before asking anyone in the state to bail-out the debt situtation that was created by the last governor and progressive administration. These illegals are sucking the life blood out of our tax system revenues through welfare, medical and judicial expenditures.

  2. WS&F says:

    Everyone complains about leadership running our government with a deficit and then everyone complains when the budget gets cut or when government increases taxes to try to balance the budget. Well everyone, one or even both of these things has to happen to have balance and its unfortunate that it has come to such drastic steps. I say lets support Gov. Snyder for not being the typical politician and having the guts to take these steps knowing it was not going to help his poll results. I believe Michigan is a huge part in America’s recovery so much I recently brought my business here!

  3. Seasoned Citizen says:

    A simple solution. For those still working and also receiving a pension (ie double dipping), pensions should be taxed in full if Adjusted Gross Income from the Federal Return exceeds a certain limit. AGI would, of course, include pensions.
    For seniors whose only income includes social security and a pension there would be a different base amount. In many instances none of the social security is taxed. Thus the limit would be over an amount based on AGI and Social Security less Medicare Part B and D premiums and any Medigap premiums. For instance if pensions and SS less insurance exceeded say $40,000.00 any excess would be taxed.

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