Hockey Nuts, here is your chance to own a piece of Detroit history! Actually, it’s your chance to own a piece of a legend. On Friday, March 11, the DuMouchelle Gallery in Detroit will auction off the Gordie Howe 300th Goal signed puck.

The puck has had the same owner for the last 50 years, Bill Whiting of Rochester Hills. His mom won the puck at a school auction in 1960 when Bill was 14. Gordie Howe, he says, was his hero. Now, he says it’s time for the puck to find a new loving home. DuMouchelles says the puck will likely see an auction price of $5,000 to $6,000.

Click here to see the puck on the DuMouchelle Gallery’s web site.

  1. Felix J Gatt says:

    The NHL did not start putting team logos on Pucks till 1958. Why does this puck from 1956 has a redwings Logo

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