Kid Rock NAACP Award Causes Controversy

DETROIT (WWJ) – Some civil rights supporters are upset that Kid Rock is slated to receive the “Great Expectations” Award at the Detroit Branch NAACP’s 56th Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner this May.

The Detroit Branch NAACP made their decision to honor Kid Rock with special recognition at the annual dinner based on his continued support of the city.

WWJ’s city beat reporter Vickie Thomas says that Detroit political consultant Adolph Mongo is so upset, he wants people to boycott the Detroit NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner.

Mongo said Kid Rock flies the confederate flag and wears it too. The political consultant also said it is an insult to anyone who fought for civil rights.

“They’re going to honor someone that just smacks bigotry right in their face,” Mongo said. “They didn’t do their homework. Shame on you Reverend Anthony. Shame on the board members that approved it.”

In 2008 Kid Rock told a british newspaper that to him, the confederate flag represents southern rock and roll.

Interim Executive Director of the Detroit Branch NAACP Donnell White justified the civil rights organization’s decision by stating that Kid Rock has consistently lifted up the great expectations of many persons concerning the future of the city.

  • Twysted Brown Angel

    Idiots!!!! I wonder if Kid rocks biracial son and Black band members and his thousands of Black friends know that hes a racist bigot??????

    Well, I guess Mr Mongo got his 20 minutes of Fame!!!!

    Thanks for all you do For Michigan Kid Rock. You didnt deserve the Smack in the face.

  • Twysted Brown Angel

    And as long as we are getting rid of the Rebel Flag for its symbolism We better get rid of The American Flag as well. It represents The murder of Thousands Of native Americans that were destroyed by our Forefathers. Damn You Betsy Ross!!!

    Are we ever gonna be able to move past all This??? ugh

  • Hector

    Let’s face it. He’s white, and that’s his sin.

  • D srtoyd

    I suppose the NAACP has supported other ex drug dealers from Detroit also……that’s how the black business’s to bad gangster rap a’t keep up with eminem, all the black rap has gone sexual explicit on kids channels…new rap is desperate for anything besides themselves, cuz it all sounds the same and sucks…lolli pop to rock

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