UAW At Odds With Snyder On Collective Bargaining Rights

DETROIT (WWJ) – The issue of collective bargaining takes center stage at a press conference with UAW leaders.

WWJ’s Marie Osborne  reports that UAW President Bob King is angrily denouncing what he says was the Governor’s decision to strip collective bargaining rights from nearly 20,000 subsidized home based child care providers.

“It’s wrong, it’s outright…it’s especially wrong to say you are going to work with unions and you are going to respect collective bargaining and not do,” says King.

King went on to say that Snyder’s proposals are out of touch with Michigan citizens who believe in collective bargaining.

The UAW stated to the Governor’s office that they wanted to work with the governor but did not get a return call.

Governor Snyder’s office issued a statement on today’s rally, saying we’ve got to address the challenges and issues that have gone on for too long — adding that it won’t be easy but it’s necessary.

  • Richard Smith

    We finally have an elected official that understands the situation and has the courage and integrity to do the right things.

  • Jim

    The UAW just wants other non-automotive groups so they can collect more money for their coffers. I was a (unwilling) UAW member of a professional union at Wayne State and they were useless. Kind just doesn’t want to lose his job, as he has nothing else to do that is productive.

  • guest

    I am a union member and strong supporter of unions, but, the UAW leaders and pervious government that created subsidized home based child union should be jailed for fraud. With supposedly nowhere near a majority of those involved they created this union and forced anyone that is a care giver to join. On top of that the state acted as the dues collector which cost everyone tax dollars. The UAW should be ashamed.

  • Mike Gratz

    The Labor Unions have fought daily to improve working conditions, wages, safety and more. They have persevered by working with management in tough times and good times. The vast majority of Unionized and Non Unionized workers are people with families and bills to pay. We expect a fair days wages for a fair days work. The Union structure is in place to keep a level playing field so workers aren’t unjustly treated and have a voice. The middle class IS the majority in this Great Country. We will fight every day to stop the dictatorial policies and polarizing agendas by the puppets of the rich and help protect all workers. Most workers understand that Unions help maintain everyones standard of living. Solidarity Forever!!!!!

    • tvg

      When workers were abused and federal laws did not exist, UAW may have been of some benefit to society but now they’re just pimps and leeches.

  • HomeBrew

    As a retired UAW worker, 37 years myself, the UAW needs to butt-out of this one and leave it alone. they have NO business getting involved with day-care and Union dues which is the bottom line. I hate to say it but the UAW is embarassing and they wonder why the rest of the United States doesn’t care for Unions? Pathetic!

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