DETROIT (WWJ) – Despite opposition from Michigan residents, the Snyder Administration is continuing to pitch its budget and reform plan.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley appeared before legislative committees this week to reiterate that the Governor Snyder’s plan will put Michigan into the top 20 among business tax-friendly states.

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Calley admitted the difficulties in designing a plan that would effectively reform the state’s budget while keeping everyone happy.

“Truth is there are simple answers, they’re just not easy ones.,” Calley said. “I’m not here trying to make the case that treating everybody equally and fairly is easy. It’s not. It’s simple. But it’s not easy.”

Governor Snyder’s plans include proposals to eliminate tax exemptions on pensions and cuts in education, especially K-12 funding.

The state has about a one-point-four billion dollar gap in spending which, by law, has to be balanced by this fall for the start of the fiscal year.


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