Three Degrees Of Pat Caputo 3-8-11

Three reasons why I believe Michigan needs to beat Illinois in the opening round of the Big Ten Tournament to justify an NCAA tournament bid.

1. Michigan was only 9-9 in regular season Big Ten play. A loss to Illinois would mean the Wolverines being below .500 against Big Ten competition this season.

2. Michigan does not have a marquee victory this season.

3. It’s not like Michigan has been a college basketball power and should get any benefit of the doubt based on the recent past.

  • The Book on Sports

    Keep drinking that Haterade Caputo

  • Tejas Green

    Agreed; they got a tough draw in the BTT. Illinois has underachieved but is still better than UM. They need to beat the Illini or go to the NIT. Beating Sparty twice isn’t good enough this year. State needs to beat Iowa, too, or they will join the Wolvie in the NIT.

  • Linkhouzer

    Thank God Oakland qualified so the state won’t get shut out, sorry but I see no reason why MSU should even be considered, let alone Michigan. State fans just need to swallow their ego, they are not a good team this year and way too inconsistent to be considered a serious threat to go deep in the tourney, whereas Michigan does have the upset potential. As long as I can remember (since the 64 teams were added) 20 wins got you a low seat. UoM and MSU need lots of help and tourney wins to get in in my mind.

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