DETROIT (WWJ) – A radical new plan for Detroit Public Schools introduced Saturday by DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb would restructure 41 academically failing schools into charter schools. It’s called “Renaissance Plan 2012.”

DPS spokesman Steve Wasco tells WWJ’s Chrystal Knight the proposal would keep schools from closing and reduce operating costs by an estimated 75 to 99 million dollars. If the proposal goes through 16-thousand students would be affected.

These schools come offline from the DPS budget perspective Wasco notes.
“Many of these schools are the schools that every year when it comes to school closings have to grit their teeth and say are we going to be on the list this year or next year or will Mr. Bobb come after us next year. we believe this will give them firmer academic and financial footing,” says Wasco.

These are some of the highlights of Bobb’s proposed plan:

  • No students will be relocated from their current schools.
  • No additional vacant and boarded schools will impact Detroit neighborhoods.
  • Immediate budget savings will be realized.

The identified schools will be announced this week.

“DPS would still have oversite and be able to ensure academic  quality moving forward and would also keep the buildings as property they would be leased out,” says Wasco.

Comments (6)
  1. chica chica says:

    Here we go, this is just the beginnings of corporatising our schools. Seems to be the agenda from the start, get the government out of our schools so that Nike and Microsoft can teach our kids unbiasedly…yeah right…ignorance folks, pure ignorance to think that privatizing our schools isn’t going to bite us in the butt in the long run. More profit to mega-corporations and more brain washing to our kids.

  2. alex says:

    its so sad what has happened to public schools..everywhere. this started 35 years ago in Detroit. I remember the teachers went on strike and we spent the rest of that year with some Wayne state student having us write daily thoughts, in algebra. I still hate math cause I never learned it. Then in high school all they wanted was to tease me cause I couldn’t pass a math test. So I was just graduated on out the way. Why?? cause of lazy people making decisions on my future and they had no clue. Now look at the mess. Yet unqualified teachers are still in classrooms cause they are vested and have protection, yeah a good wage a benefits are worthly of teachers, but YOU NEED TO BE A GOOD EFFECTIVE TEACHER TO GET THEM. So in one hand you have kids who don’t go to school to learn, just have sex and get pregnant, then a few who are there to learn. On the other hand, teachers who fail vs a few who care. Where is the middle ground?

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