DETROIT (WWJ) – Japan’s government spokesman said there has been no increase in radiation around a nuclear power plant after a building housing a reactor was destroyed by an explosion after a massive 8.9 earthquake.

Speaking live on WWJ, the Consul General of Japan in Detroit, Mr. Kuninori Matsuda, said he has been in constant contact with emergency officials in Japan.

“According to the latest information I have received, there’s no danger or risk of meltdown. Although, I have to admit that because of the cut off of electricity, none of the back up measures have been put in place. But the government in Japan has already resorted to emergency safety measures,” Matsuda said.

Officials said the metal housing around the reactor withstood the blast and radiation levels around the plant have actually decreased.

So, would nuclear power plants in Michigan withstand a disaster like the one in Japan? Guy Cerullo is a spokesperson for the Fermi 2 plant in Monroe.

“We along with everyone else continue monitoring the situation in Japan. All US nuclear plants, including Fermi 2, are designed to withstand the most severe earthquake that can happen in their specific area,” Cerullo said.

Cerullo explained that nuclear power plants are built with a design that uses multiple safety barriers.

“(They’re built) with a defense in-depth philosophy that uses multiple safety barriers, sophisticated earthquake detection systems and redundant safety systems to assure that public health and safety is assured, even in the event of an earthquake or natural forces,” Cerullo said.

Although a death-toll from the massive earthquake has yet to be announced, estimates are floating above one-thousand.


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