Citizens Voice Concerns About Tax Credit Cuts

BIRMINGHAM (WWJ) – A group called “A Better Michigan Future” is hosting meetings all over the state Monday to raise concern about Governor Rick Snyder’s budget plan and how it will impact working people.

Danielle Atkinson, who spoke at a meeting in Birmingham, said Gov. Snyder’s plan to get rid of the earned income tax credit will really make things worse for those who are already struggling to make ends meet.

“I could understand people saying that, but I think everyone understands in these hard economic times, making decisions that you wouldn’t necessarily make before. You have to put off bills that you can’t pay, Atkinson said.

“So, that’s why the earned income tax is so important, because people rely on it. They know that they got it last year and they know that they’re still eligible, so they planned their budgets around it, like we all my difficult budgeting decisions,” she said.

Small business owner Brian Gesund said the Governor’s plans to eliminate the earned income tax credit wasn’t carefully thought out.

“It might help the large corporations, but small businesses with a hundred employees, most of whom earn minimum wage, this is actually going to hurt… They won’t be able to work for me. It’s basically like taking a $500 cut in pay… they’re struggling as it is,” Gesund said.

“With the elimination of the Michigan Business Tax, we got a $12,000 tax cut, approximately… but, with that I’m going to have to pay my employees, I’m not going to be able to add jobs,” he said.

This who are concerned about the cuts are being advised to contact their state lawmakers.


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