So I like to think as myself as a guy that knows what metro Detroiters like. I know that Comerica Park will be filled on opening day; I know that you can talk potential Lions draft picks in September and I know that Red Wings fans will always believe that the refs are out to get them. But there is one thing that I apparently have no idea about and I really thought I did. I was on the air on Selection Sunday and thought everybody would be chomping at the bit to talk about the NCAA tournament and I was DEAD wrong, instead Yoga and a former Porn Star turned teacher were the talk of the show. In fact it was like pulling teeth to carry on a basketball conversation so I just eventually asked if people even really like the “BIG DANCE” or is it just me?

There is nothing better than the first couple of days of the tournament where all you do all day is watch basketball and your brackets. From that Christian Laettner shot against Kentucky to Bryce Drew’s buzzer beater for Valpo to “One Shining Moment” it just doesn’t get any better than March Madness. But do people feel the same way? I say they don’t! Of all the things that can be talked about on the radio college basketball seems to take a back seat to everything. I understand if it’s in November and December when football is going on or even when some slam dunk non sports issue has arisen but this is the time where college ball should be the talk of the airwaves and it simply is not.

The thing that makes the tournament great is the process and then the format. You fight like hell to get in and then you must win or you go home. Series are great in postseason play but you can lose and survive. “Do or die” is a totally different animal. It gives every team and every player hope, knowing no matter how big of an underdog they might be, they just have to win one game and they advance. I understand Detroit is not a college town but people sure care about Michigan and Michigan State football, why can the same not be said about basketball?

I know that I have cleared my schedule so I can watch Michigan play Tennessee on Friday afternoon but have you? Do you take that Thursday and Friday off? If not do you follow at work? Or do you just get upset that your normal CBS programming is not on and basketball is instead? I think the majority of people choose the third option! I might be way off base about this, so if I am tell me. Do you care about March Madness? And if the answer is no tell me what instead, gets you feeling like dancing?

Watch the videos of Darius Morris and Zack Novak below as Michigan gets ready for the Volunteers on Friday and then a possible matchup with top seed Duke if they win.

Comments (2)
  1. Mike says:

    You probably just had the leftover listeners from the financial shows.

  2. blake says:

    or like always he’s a Michigan slappy and no one cares about Michigan basketball.

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