Auto Critic Resigns After ‘Editing’ Of Critical Car Review

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – The Chrysler 200 may have been a commercial hit with audiences for the Super Bowl TV ad, but criticism of that car has led to the resignation of one Detroit area auto critic.

Scott Burgess, the auto critic at The Detroit News has resigned after editors deleted online portions of a poor review of the Chrysler 200, a car that was promoted in a popular Super Bowl TV ad starring rapper Eminem.  In the March 10 edition, Burgess said the car is a “dog” that lacks “inspiration or soul.”

But the online version at is missing some criticism, including the “dog” reference.

Burgess told The Associated Press that he quit this week after meeting with News editor and publisher Jon Wolman. He believes his review was edited after complaints from an advertiser.

Wolman told automotive website that the paper should have let the online review stand as written.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  • Dan

    Tell me again why the newspapers are losing readers!

  • Jim

    If you don’t want to know, don’t ask. This same media source, among others, promote idiots like Michael Moore & Charlie Sheen just to name two.

  • Marj

    One more attack on First Amendment freedoms! Further evidence that corporations rule. Sad.

  • John Schaefer

    FYI, the US Constitution’s First Amendment pertains to limitations on individuals’ speech by the US Government. It says nothing about, and doesn’t legally apply to, limitations on an individual’s speech by their employer.

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