OAKLAND COUNTY (WWJ) – St. Patrick’s Day is here and that means more drinking, as well as more of a chance for drunk drivers on the road. That’s why the Oakland County Sheriff is warning people not to drink and drive …and to keep an eye out for those who do.

Having tended to a St. Patrick’s Day triple fatality as a patrolman years ago, Sheriff Micheal Bouchard says it’s crucial people know when to say when, and have a designated driver. Bouchard says while it may be their choice to drink, it becomes a public matter when people decide to drive.

More sheriff’s patrols will be out Thursday looking for drunk drivers. And, Bouchard cautions others to watch out for them and know the telltale signs drunk driving, such as driving under the speed limit, drifting toward the center line, and braking erratically or for no apparent reason.

If you suspect a drunk driver, the Sheriff’s office ask you to report the driver by calling 911.


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