DETROIT (WWJ) – About 50 people rallied at Hart Plaza before marching through the streets of downtown Detroit chanting “We don’t want your racist war” and “U.S.- Nato Hands off Libya” this crowd a mix of different organizations opposing any type of military intervention in Libya.

WWJ’s Stephanie Davis speaking to Abayome Azekwei with the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice- he says he had hoped for dialogue with Libya’s Moammar Qadaffi:

“A U.S. ground invasion or bombing of Libya is not going to do anything except worsen the conditions for people there as well as people here, we are facing austerity, we’re facing massive lay-offs, we don’t need another war,” says Azekwei.

“They are attempting to over throw him (Qadaffi), from my view, the rebels are backed by the U.S., by France, the French recognize the rebels as legitimate form of government over and above the Qadaffi government and this is just going to fuel tensions in the region,” adds Azekwei.

Many in the group say the U-S already has its hands full in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

  1. Dr. Woo says:

    Dialogue is conducted only with sane individuals.

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