DETROIT (WWJ) – A new poll indicates Michigan’s new Governor is about as unpopular as the one he replaced.

Public Policy Polling says half of 502 voters asked March 18-20 are not happy with Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s handling of state business in his first three months in office, giving him an approval rate of only 33 percent.

The poll also found 47 percent of those polled wished Democratic candidate Virg Bernero would have been elected.

A spokesperson for Governor Snyder said the poll sample was skewed.

However, the polling director reportedly said the sample matches the 2008 election make-up and overall voter composition in the state, unlike the 2010 election which he says was an anomaly because many Democrats didn’t vote.

Poll officials said the poll sample consisted of 41 percent Democrat, 31 percent Independent and only 28 percent Republican.

The Free Press notes previous Governor Democrat Jennifer Granholm had a 57 percent disapproval rating as she left office after eight years.

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  1. TaterSalad says:

    It sure sounds like a “bogus poll” to me! I’d put money on it that the 500 pollsters were taken in a Democratic area of the state. I for one, retired and on a pension thinks Synder is doing a decent job. From what he was left from the last Governor who just “kicked the can down the road”, he’s got my affirmative vote.

    1. edw says:

      Your brainwashed Repubs just don’t get it, do you.The man is a loser and will never be a good Governor.

  2. Matt Marko says:

    Trying to be popular is what got this state into the mess it is in. Giving away money, catering to special interest groups such as expensive union contracts my buy him votes but is not what needs to be done. Finally we have a Governor who is willing to try to undo those deals from the past and not worry about his poll ratings.

  3. Matt W. says:

    According to Dave Ramsey, the average American lives on about $75,000 a year, while making $58,000 and having $375,000 in credit card debt. At those amounts, nobody would or even should expect to get out of debt. If you expect the economy to get any better, we need to make some serious cuts. And, yes, it will hurt, and people will be upset. As anyone that is living on more than they make will hurt and upset when cuts are made. It needs to be done. Social Security is one that needs cut back to survive. If we cut everything back, but leave SSI alone, it still won’t balance. Yes, it will hurt, and those on SSI will get a pay cut, but it needs to happen. Anyway, talk to Dave Ramsey, and he’ll give the full scoop!

    1. Dawn S. says:

      Where the heck do you get your information?

  4. Cheryl says:

    This governor isn’t cutting services and raising taxes to fix the deficit. He is slashing and taxing in order to give an 86% tax CUT to business. That is neither wise nor necessary, since business taxes in Michigan are lower than in many, many other states as it is. The Tax Foundation ranked Michigan at 17th in the nation in business tax environment for both 2010 and 2011, after Gov. Granholm lowered business taxes 99 times during her first term hoping to stimulate job creation. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Rick Snyder needs to focus on fixing the deficit and stop handing giveaways to corporations who will just add the $$ to their bottom line; NO jobs will be created until there is increased demand for products and services, no matter how low business taxes go. “Shared sacrifice” is all fine and good, if EVERYONE shares–including business. Making individuals, poor families, seniors, schools and municipalities sacrifice in order to had a fat gift to businesses that don’t need it is not my idea of “shared”–and is the main reason his popularity has gone down the toilet. People are willing to sacrifice to help fix the state; they are NOT willing to sacrifice only to further pad corporate bottom lines, when companies are sitting on mountains of cash already that they are unwilling to invest.

  5. Daniel says:

    You know rick is doing a good job just by the way they are screaming on the left.!!

  6. Matt W. says:

    Small Business is what runs America. Putting more money in their pockets allows them to hire more people. So far, I think Rick is doing a decent job.

    1. edw says:

      Small business won’t hire one damn soul unless increased business demands it. The tax savings will go directly into the pockets of the “Fat Cats”. Wake up and see the light!

  7. Jim says:

    Anyone on the “dole” will whine and cry. Businesses are what keeps the economy going. Cherly, why do you think graduates are leaving and going somewhere else? Jennie kicked the can, catered to thoses who wanted handouts, catered to Detroit (and they couldn’t/wouldn’t stop crime). Detroit population is only about 10% of the population now based on the census. Rick, take care of business.

    1. Cheryl says:

      Jim, first of all, try spelling my name right.

      Second, “Jennie” reduced business taxes significantly–99 times in her FIRST term alone. Michigan went from a Tax Foundation rank of 27/50 in overall business tax environment to 17/50 during her tenure. But the tax cuts did not start working (i.e., creating jobs) until the state began using TARGETED incentives to lure certain growth industries here. That’s why we now have new advanced battery facilities, wind energy equipment makers, film studios, video game creation studios and more sprouting across the state. Those ARE creating jobs–as well as retaining the talented, creative graduates you’re crying about. Maybe you’d like to try checking some facts once in awhile, rather than just ranting your opinions.

      Businesses in this country currently are sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars in CASH. That is $$ sitting on the sidelines, not growing, not being used in the economy, and certainly not creating jobs. Generalized business tax cuts only will add to the pile. Those companies will be glad to take anyone’s money and add it to their already fat bottom line; their shareholders will see bigger dividends, maybe, and their CEOs might get a fatter bonus. But not one job will come of it until it makes business sense to expand and hire.

      NO business will hire ANYONE unless there is increased demand for their product or service. It’s Econ 101… or didn’t you make it to college? And consumer demand is not going to pick up when additional workers (including public sector workers like teachers, police & firefighters) are laid off, as will happen with many of the cuts this governor is proposing. On the contrary, demand will go DOWN. Unemployment will go UP. And the process will be pushed in precisely the wrong direction.

      This has nothing to do with people on the “dole.” Beyond which, though I’m not sure what “dole” you’re talking about, if you are referring to the EITC that helps the working poor, WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE HAPPENS TO THAT MONEY? Do you think it goes into a mattress and disappears, the way it does with businesses these days with their fat stashes of dough? No. The people at the bottom end of the spectrum take it right out the front door and SPEND IT on necessities, because they have to. They are on the edge. And that means that the $$ goes back into the economy in the form of CONSUMER DEMAND. People buying things is what keeps businesses running. Get it? Not low taxes. People buying things. The “slash and burn” theory will not work, but unfortunately by the time that becomes apparent to people like you and Rick Snyder, we will be even farther behind the 8 ball than we are now.

  8. sad in america says:

    I can’t believe anyone who thinks Governer Sndyer’s plan to tax the middle class and poor more and to tax pension is a good idea. Why is it always okay to take from the poor and give to the rich. It’s the politicians who have put us in this mess catering to the big business. I think all politicians should earn miniumn wage and pay 25% toward their benefits. Ever wonder why it the rich who run for office it’s so the they can protect their interest not to work for the average american. It’s so unfair to blame to unions for businesses leaving it’s because they want to pay as little as possible so they can keep all the money for themselves. I don’t see the CEO’s offering to take less to help keep the companies from moving but heaven forbid the union work who is making a deceit living, union workers are far from raking the the dough. Compare them to your representative and see who is costing us more money.
    Social Security had plenty of money until the politicians took from the fund that us workers have paid into and now they can’t pay it back but expect the worker once again have to pay.

    1. edw says:

      It’s fair to rob the poor and give to the rich because that’s how the Republican crooks want it. Do you really have to ask that question, Sad? Look at history. The GOP has always favored the rich man and to hell with the lowly peon who works his behind off to support his family.

  9. Ricktator says:

    Snyder is a corporate shill with no intent to benefit the people of Michigan. Recall effort begins this summer.

    1. edw says:

      Do we have to wait until summer? Let’s get rid of the fool as fast as possible!

      1. Dawn S. says:

        You have to wait until summer when it’s warm so you can get as many people out to get signatures on the recall sheets as possible. Hopefully Snyder will not have ruined everything in the state by the time he can be recalled (if he can be).

  10. Claudia says:


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