DETROIT (WWJ) – American Idol host Ryan Seacrest apparently needs a lesson in Detroit geography.

On Fox Wednesday night, the eleven “Idol” singers still in the running took on Motown music. But a pre-recorded piece that features Seacrest goes to show someone skipped a little research about Hitsville, USA.

“And it was in this humble house in the suburbs of Detroit where history would be made,” Seacrest said.

The buildings where the Motown sound was born are, of course, on West Grand Boulevard in the city, and are now a part of the Motown Museum. 

After the flub, fans immediately began blasting Seacrest for the blunder on Facebook and Twitter social media websites.

On Seacrest’s Facebook page, one fan wrote “You are an idiot. Hitsville USA is in the City of Detroit. Not the suburbs. Get your information right next time.”

What do you think? Was it really just an honest mistake or was it something that shouldn’t have been overlooked? Leave us your comments below.


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