LANSING (WWJ) – A group of protestors say they plan to sleep outside in cardboard boxes at the state capitol Friday night, in hopes of getting the attention of Governor Rick Snyder. They’re calling it a “Snyderville” demonstration.

Organizer Blair Panackia said they have two reasons for going.

“One, after the arrests the other night, Governor Snyder said the best way was not to spend the night in the capital, so we figured it would be better to spend the night outside the capital. Two, we just wanted to draw a comparison to the direction our state is headed if we don’t invest in education, infrastructure, and other things like that,” Panackia said.

About a dozen or so people confirmed attending the camp-out. Most of the organizing was done on Facebook, but they are encouraging more people to join.

“We’re not going away. He said repeatedly that Michigan is not Wisconsin and I think he’d like to believe it isn’t because he doesn’t want to deal with the people, like they did in Wisconsin,” Panackia said.

After the last protest to Snyder’s budget plan netted 14 arrests, with at least one protester facing felony charges, is Panackia willing to be arrested?

“To quote the Governor, it’s not on my agenda right now.”


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