WARREN (WWJ) – One hundred and seventy-two and half pounds and counting.  That’s how much weight a Warren teen has lost who stars in the Style Network TV Show, “Too Fat for 15.”  When 17-year-old Hayley Bailiff decided to go to a school for obese teens called Wellspring in late August, she tipped the scales at 511 pounds. 

“Last February, my dad came up and talked to me and he told me that my uncle and he had been talking and I pretty much had to choose to either figure something else to do about my weight, or do the lapband surgery.” 
Bailiff had heard about Wellspring, where the TV show is shot and decided to go there.  She had struggled at Warren’s Regina High School, where she was bullied so badly, she was sometimes forced to miss class. 

“At school, it was difficult being overweight, because they had seats that were connected and I couldn’t fit in the connected seats.  So I always had to get to my classes early to make sure that I could get a seat that was unconnected.”

Hayley says she has a hard time taking compliments about how good she now looks when she returns home like she did for tonight’s episode of the show.  But she’s enjoying her weight loss. 

“Just playing team sports every day is so much easier, it’s ridiculous,”  Hayley says.  “And I can help out my team that much more, which gives you a confidence boost….You become that much more needed…wanted.”

Her advice to other teens struggling with their weight? 

Bailiff says, “Try and do something about it now, because soon enough, you’ll be giving up your senior year to go away and leave all your friends, and not be able to go to prom.”

“Too Fat For 15” airs Monday nights at 8 on the Style Network, with re-runs throughout the week.

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  1. liesa says:

    i hope this girl loses all the weight she wants to. excercise, and a good diet should help alot..my best wishes to her..

  2. ck martin says:

    i’m very happy for her, but how did her parents allow this to get so bad? what a horrible case of child abuse.

    1. td boone says:

      A lot of Americans give their children too much of a good thing (i.e. money, cars, freedom, etc.) and no one calls that child abuse.

      1. D. says:

        td boone…your’s is one of the best replies I’ve ever read…and this is coming from the parent of 2 over-indulged children. People are so quick to judge and condemn. But when you put it in this perspective, I don’t know, it just clicked.

      2. Zebula says:

        Thanks, D., for raising brats. That’ll help America so much.

    2. Delliott says:

      Dear ck martin
      I am glad you have a good heart and are happy for her weight loss,but don’t say it is child abuse. Her life is full of stress and sadness. Her mom died and I think other family members past also. I have been there, you sneak and eat to feel better, then you feel bad because you over ate, and you eat more. What a terrible cycle. Parents can not always control this.

  3. teremist says:

    It is CERTAINLY child abuse, to allow your child to become morbidly obese. Like adults, they are at extreme risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, asthma, lung disease, circulatory complications, and organ failure. In addition to the physical, these children suffer severe depression, lack of self esteem, and an overwhelming sense of worthlessness, and isolation. IT IS CRUEL beyond words, to allow this to happen to your child. There IS a link in the behaviors of the parents, who sometimes subconsciously sabotage their childrens’ weight. The most EFFECTIVE cure is for the entire family to eat healthy and exercise.

    1. Voice of Reason says:

      I am sure that you’ve never eaten at a fast food restaurant or ordered pizza for your kids or yourself or bought popcorn at a movie theater or bought chips or cookies or ice cream or anything else along those lines because if you had, you wouldn’t really be able to say anything to anyone else who does unless you live in a household that eats only organic, home grown, unprocessed food or soda pop or anything else that can lead to obesity. I can appreciate your opinion on the matter, but I would tend to look at my own habits before judging others about theirs.

      1. Zebula says:

        Er, voice of un-reason, I’d say. There’s a difference between enjoying something bad for you now and then and becoming 511 pounds. 511 is just outrageous and disgusting.

  4. Mare says:

    I’m fat myself. I feed my kids properly, and I tell them, when you are fat, you can’t run, jump and play and your knees hurt. I agree – fat children are abused children. I am working on losing my weight – it is difficult due to my schedule – but I don’t want my children to suffer.

    1. Rachael says:

      “it is difficult due to my schedule”?? that sounds like ‘lazy’, which attributes to your current condition. small changes such as portion control can make a tremendous difference to someone who is obese, and doesn’t take any time out of your day. as someone who works two jobs and still found the “time” to lose 50 lbs. last year, i want to tell you that only YOU can make the decision to better your life. i do respect that you realize that your lifestyle is not one that you want your children to live, but you want to be around to see that your children carry these choices onto THEIR children, right? stop making excuses for yourself, Mare, and get in shape. wouldn’t that be an excellent example of endurance and motivation for your children?

      1. G says:

        @ Rachael. you must not have children. it’s easy to lose focus on yourself when you don’t have anyone depending on you.
        @ Mare. Keep up the good work. Maybe you can incorporate more activity into family activities?

      2. Zebula says:

        Small portions is soooo not enough when you are obese. You gotta burn burn burn calories. That said, don’t criticize someone who’s making an effort. You’re just plain mean and stupid.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Child abuse to see your child get so fat? Maybe. This kind of lifestyle begins very early in life and many parents don’t realize (or care) what their kids are supposed to eat and what they are not supposed to eat. With all the swings back and forth in nutrition, what was correct 10 years ago may not be today. Lets stop placing blame and start correcting school lunches, educate parents and provide healthy and less expensive meal alternatives. Also, with budget cuts in school, many healthy activities are being eliminated from curriculems.

    1. Zebula says:

      Common sense is enough to know what’s good to eat and what isn’t. Those “swings back and forth” hardly include Big Macs and Pop Tarts. Fail.

  6. JEN says:


    1. Tyrone says:

      No, we don’t

      1. angel says:

        I agree Tyrone, these people have no idea of what they are talking about, judging a parent without knowing what the child is going thru medically or emotionally.

  7. Shevasativa says:

    What infuriates me is these kids that are really trying on this show… and then to go home to “mom” and have her criticize the girls effort to cook and then to take credit for it. Have some of these parents ever heard of encouraging a child to do well? Geez. That broke my heart! I have a niece who has an almost 5 year old that is what I consider obese. Wears a size 10 and not yet 5 yet. I’m not sure what the problem is… but, it started early and I think it was the attitude of keeping a bottle in her mouth to keep her quiet. I feel really sorry for the child. It’s terrible trying to find clothes that can fit her. I don’t understand parents who see this and continue to do nothing about it!

  8. ANGEL says:

    Who the hell are you people to judge her parents or any other parent in this regards. Child abuse? I can’t fathom that – you have no right to judge these parents or any other parent as far as their child’s weight issues. Some children may be closet eaters, some have medical issues/emotional issues. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE!

  9. marisol says:

    Yall ppl need to stop judging. Some parents like their kids to be obesity.So why yall judging

  10. Mom of 2 says:

    Let’s not judge….no one knows why this poor child got this heavy…..but, her Mom died about 6 months prior to her being on the show….my heart breaks for her…….I do wish her father would show more compassion…….and make his daughters his top priority they really need him.
    As a Mother of 2 overindulged now adults……..we do the best we can but, they were always my top priority………and even though I battled weight issues….(now weighing 138) I never allowed them junk food……….they grew up eating fresh fruit, vegetalbles and yogurt…..(I do not agree with hiding healthy food into junk food to trick the kids into eating it) ……they are both thankfully thin and very active!
    So. please let us keep this beautiful chiild on our prayers……..and pray she gets her weight issues under control and achieves her dreams!

  11. myca says:

    im 16 and weigh 317 im and i will be junior next year ..i feel like im so preety but when i look down i feel awful…i have a junior ball next year so i would really like to loose weight and live for a long time….ii just really need good advise and help from someone who has been in the same choose as me and my mother is no help we argue about something else she bring up my weight and call me FAT shes no help at alll……………..help me guys :(

    1. Ranay Dollarhide says:

      First of all, dont listen to hateful people. they will only bring u down. Start with small weights, a stability ball, or just walking long enough to raise ur heartrate without being in a danger zone. Ask your PE teacher for advice and above all, stay positive. Keep your goals realistic so that they are attainable. I’m sure there is a beautiful person on the inside and out. I’m in the process of losing weight myself, so i do understand the struggles and loss of self esteem. Keep your eye on the distant goal of the dance and dont count every pound. good luck and I wish you well

  12. krysta says:

    youknowyou guys say blame he parents ,yes some of it could be from that but what about the parents who goabove and beyond to try to help there child not reach thissize overweight ,but it happened anyways.or maybe her doctormisdiagnosed acondition s had when she was young and it all could have been prevented so instead of saying its the parents think 1st.Also at some point kids to teens decide what there going to eatregardlessof what aparent oranyone says so yous need to calm down with the blame game.

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