Pontiac-based 3-D Experiential Training Co. said Wednesday it had acehived a milestone in its immersive 3D technology for safety training.

With the recent addition of training programs for NASA’s Aircraft Operations Division, the U.S. Defense Department and several health care institutions, 3-D ETC has now trained more than 40,000 people since it began delivering safety training programs for commercial, industrial and government organizations in 2005.

3-D ETC customizes its 3-D training programs to meet the needs of each client.

For the Pentagon, 3-D ETC created four new 3-D videos to address key safety issues for Pentagon Reservation employees, customers, contractors, and the public.

NASA used 3-D ETC’s “Safety, The Right Choice” program, which is an innovative way to motivate employees towards taking ownership and accountability for their own safety both on and off the job.

Hospitals, including Beaumont Hospital Troy and POH Regional Medical Center, are using the proven high impact of 3-D video technology to address three of the most common health care problems – hand hygiene, misadministration of medicine, and communication during patient handoffs.

3-D ETC, based at 2001 Centerpoint Parkway, Suite 103, Pontiac, builds custom safety awareness programs.

More at www.3-detc.com.


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