DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit woman who was allegedly involved in a more than 12- hour standoff with police last week has been released on bond from Wayne County Jail. 

Police say Maryanne Godboldo refused to allow a Child Protective Services worker and a police escort into her home.

godboldo maryanne Detroit Mom Released From Jail After Bond LoweredGodboldo talked to WWJ after her release.

“I want my daughter back, I want her back, because that is what I want. I would like to have her back, I would like that thank everyone in the community and my lawyers and Ron Scott for all of the wonderful things they have done for me, and I appreciate it,” says Godboldo.

Fifty-eight-year-old Godboldo is facing several charges, including felonious assault , felony firearms, and resisting and  an officer.

“I am very, very excited to be out, I’m very concerned about my daughter, I’ve been reassured that she is fine. I am blessed that I am out and happy to be out, very happy to be out, thankful for all the wonderful, delightful people in the city of Detroit,”

Officials say the incident began after Child Protective Services arrived to take her 13-year-old daughter into custody at their west side home.

  1. Benna says:

    Ms Godboldo did what any natural mother would try to protect her child. She felt her situation was extreme so she used extreme measures. She is not a criminal she needs help, so do we lock up people who simply need help?. Her bond was set at 500000, I glad it was lowered allow her freedom . Another woman was sexually assaulting her 4 year old daughter, and the pervert she was trying to sell the child to reported her to authorities. Her bond was 50000. Is sexual assault on a innocent toddler more acceptable than a mother trying to protect her child?

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