DETROIT (WWJ) – If you’re hoping for gasoline prices to come down, you’re out of luck. And with summer just around the corner, you may want to beef up your gasoline budget.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Gary Lundy spoke with Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst with about the direction we can expect prices at the pump to take. 

DeHaan says one reason for the higher gas prices is the transition we’re making to what’s known as “summer blend”.

“Summer gas generally achieves better fuel efficiency, and so, it evaporates less easily, and that adds to the cost, these ingredients that are used in summer gas generally cost more,” says DeHaan. “By the end of April we could be talking about  prices that are twenty to thirty cents higher than were they are today.”

Gas prices are now closer to four dollars a gallon than three dollars a gallon but DeHaan says he doesn’t believe that we’ll see the $4 a gallon price we saw in 2008. 

“We are looking at inventories that are 8.8 million barrels under where they were last year, and if we do that conversion to gallons that’s a lot less gasoline in inventory, couple that with higher demand, that means higher prices,” says DeHaan.

Comments (6)
  1. JOHN says:

    I am sick of poor excuses , WHAT A BUNCH OF LIES!! IT IS NOTHING BUT A RACKET :( (LIARS)

  2. FED UP says:

    We already have stations gouging customers , i see a few around my area and im going to contact the attorney generals office tomorrow

  3. jack says:

    I see gas stations charging 3.59 a gallon and others near the interstate charging 3.75-3.77 a gallon

  4. Jimmy M says:

    Just the ‘new normal’ courtesy of ‘Hope and Change’ from Obama and his lovesick supporters, the extremist media that puts itself out there as objective.

  5. Susie says:

    and in the fall they tell us they have to raise prices because of the winter blend gas – do they honestly believe the american people are that stupid –

  6. Dan says:

    The increase in price for the summer blend of gas is not the issue,its the dollar or so a gallon increase from speculators that our government wont control.I cant believe the media wont call out our so-called reps in conress and ask to address this issue.The media could really help us but instead they put out articles like this,telling the american people that they just have to take it.Well we dont,and people are really getting angry.

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