Khang’s Blog: Again Rodney?

This past Friday night before another Piston loss Stuckey refused to enter the game in the fourth quarter vs. the Bulls. After the game Stuckey said “There are six games left. That’s all I have to say. Six games left. That’s it. I can survive for six games.” Stuckey was benched for the next game vs. the Celtics. Stuckey’s insubordination and total disrespect for this team is why he must go. His latest actions have made it clear he is not part of the solution but a huge part of the problem. It’s attitudes like this that President Joe Dumars allegedly hates. And if Dumars really feels this way he will not offer Stuckey a new contract or match any contract Stuckey may receive. I would even take it a step further and send him home for the rest of the season and he can “survive” the rest of the season at home. I only feel sorry for the Piston fans who’ve had to not only survive this dreadful season but to endure it!

  • ed

    I work hard for my pay. It’s insulting when athletes become so self absorbed they forget they are paid a King’s ransom to entertain through sport. I won’t say they are over paid which many may, I just think, especially in Detroit, in 2011, athletes should give 100%. I wish we would can Stuckey over this, it’s not Piston worthy.

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