Conyers Requests Sentence Adjustment

DETROIT (WWJ) – Former Detroit City Council President Monica Conyers wants to go home early.

Conyers has asked a federal judge to “adjust” her three-year prison sentence, and allow her to serve the remainder of her time under house arrest.

WWJ and Fox 2 Legal Analyst Charlie Langton says he would be shocked if the judge allowed this.

“When any federal judge goes through a sentencing process, that process is huge — a lot of paperwork, a lot of detailed information about the crime, about the person, about the ability to get rehabilitated. All of that goes into the making of a sentence,” Langton said.

“It is highly unlikely, very remote, that Monica Conyers would have any modification at all to her sentence… She’s going to do her time, like every other prisoner that commits the type of crime that she committed,” he said.

Conyers wrote in a letter that her age, employment history, family ties and other factors were not considered at sentencing, and that her son’s baby sitter would be going back to school.

The request comes seven months after Conyers reported to a federal women’s prison in Alderson, West Virginia.  Conyers pleaded guilty to accepting bribes.

  • Jimbo

    Are these people for real ?? Why don’t we put Kawame, Conyers, Bobbie Ferguson, Kawame’s Dad and any other clown that thinks they can manipulate the law to their liking, and put them in some prison together and they can all reminisee about the good times they had at our expense!!!!!!!

  • Richard Robb

    Of course she wants out early, that’s been her life story! This is how she has been raised, not to realize the hell she’s brought on to the people and the organizations
    around her, but to plea for forgiveness after the fact. She’s just a user, let her
    “stew’. Her mindset has, is, and has not yet overcome her predisposition, to abuse
    the people and community around her. She’s still elitist.

  • Judge Denies Conyers’ Request To Leave Prison « Judge Denies Conyers’ Request To Leave Prison « CBS Detroit

    […] a one page ruling issued Thursday, Federal District Court Judge Avern Cohn denied Conyers’ request to finish her 37 month prison sentence at home, citing  the court lacks jurisdiction to modify a […]

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