DETROIT (WWJ) – A gun rights group is planning an “open carry” dinner at a Big Boy restaurant, where dozens of people will wear holstered weapons in plain sight.

Event organizer Rick Ector is a firearms instructor and runs the blog “Legally Armed In Detroit.”

Ector said the dinner is April 21 at the Big Boy Restaurant on Jefferson Avenue, across the street from the Belle Isle bridge. He says he expects 50 or more “handgun-toting patrons” to participate.

Ector wants to raise awareness of people’s legal right in Michigan to carry a licensed weapon in the open.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comments (12)
  1. A Michigan Resident says:

    And here’s more adverse publicity that Detroit doesn’t need. What family would want to move their house, dogs and kids to a wild west shoot-em up town? And Detroit’s size is diminishing to a town status with stunts like this. The Second Amendment was appropriate 220 years ago for a developing country and militia purposes. Another Amendment needs to be added to address open harmful aggression between Americans using this right.

    1. South West Detroit says:

      ?? More adverse coverage?? Where is your mind at? The negative coverage comes from crime, not the exercising of gun rights. I’ve lived in Detroit proper (not a suburb) for 30+ years and this is an event to be proud of. At least it’s something to be proud of for those who would not be powerless to crime. What example of “Open Harmful Aggression between Americans using this right” do you know about? Should you see a gun on a law abiding citizen and you then are intimidated, that is a psychological disorder that you need to address professionally.

    2. Spartan says:

      Read more of Thomas Jefferson’s writings then. The Amendment is about protection of home just as much as it is about protection from Tyrranical Government.

  2. Marty says:

    What a great idea! I would feel safer sitting in a restaurant in Detroit with armed citizens who are NOT criminals, than with people who are illegally hiding weapons on their person, and may be of the criminal element. I for one am also considering obtaining a permit to openly carry a weapon. Sout West Detroit you are right on!!

    1. Jack says:

      You do not need a permit to open carry. Its your right. If you don’t have a firearm you will need to get a purchase license from your local Police agency.

  3. hryhoriy says:

    It’s about time!! While political liberal extremists (like NPR) are hiding behind their electronic barricades in Bloomfield Hills, the average citizen must have the right to open carry to protect themselves from the criminal parasites in today’s society – which, of course, are protected by liberal extremists. What’s fair is fair.

  4. stainless1911 says:

    I wouldnt go anywhere near Detroit without a gun. I try to avoid it with one.

  5. Jabez - Gun for Life says:

    i once went to Detroit without a gun.. I got hit over the head, knocked down, stepped on, and then urinated on. Now, I carry a gun and brass knuckles whenever I go to the city!!!

  6. Max Ke. says:

    I’ll be there to support the group with my 1911 on my hip.
    Hope to see you there as well.

  7. Hryhoriy says:

    I’ll be there to support it with my SIG P229 in my shoulder holster.

  8. cmdr_iceman71 says:

    A citizen who does NOT possess a valid CPL can only openly carry registered pistols in THEIR name and they must be dutiful to avoid pistol free zones.

  9. Jim March says:

    We have these all the time in AZ. No big deal. The ley thing is, “rights are like muscles – if you don’t excercise ’em you lose ’em”. Keeping open carry legal and understood as such also means that gunnies don’t take flack if the wind blows our jacket up or something, which on a day to day basis is more important.

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