Ways to tell the Statue of Liberty stamp was from Vegas…
10. Ways to know it’s the Vegas lady liberty…she has a nip slip on the stamp. Scott in Berkley
9. The torch is filled with margarita and has Fat Tuesday printed on it. Eric the mailman
8. How can you tell it was modeled after Vegas? You have to talk to her pimp in order to negotiate costs of taking a pic with her. Andrew in AP.
7. How do you know its Vegas: It’s a ten-cent stamp, but if you want to lick it, it’s a quarter – Brett Pod
6.Ways to know it the Vegas Statue of Liberty: it’s actually Don Cheadle in disguise as part of a scheme with George Clooney, Matt Damon & 9 others
5. How do you know Liberty was in Vegas: The Robocop statue arrested her for prostitution? BP
4. How can you tell it’s in Vegas? Instead of only holding a torch she is holding a spoon over it. Andrew in AP.
3. How did they know S of L picture was from Vegas? Lady Liberty is wearing a pair of gold Ohio State pants purchased at the Gold &Silver Pawnshop. DAVE IN MEMPHIS
2. How can you tell the Post Office got the wrong Lady Liberty? Funny, but I don’t remember the real one having an “Ace of Hearts” tramp stamp Special K in Brighton
1. Ways to tell Lady Liberty is in Vegas? There’s a sign on the base at Staten Island that says “Be back in 15.” – Myke, Ster. Hts.


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