DETROIT (WWJ) – At least 20,000 Christians will converge on Comerica Park this Saturday, April 16 for a massive 1.6 mile Prayer Walk.

Bishop Edgar Vann of Second Ebenezer Baptist Church explained the walk coordinated through a group called EACH: “Everyone A Chance to Hear,” is about healing for Detroit.

“A tremendous moment, and a historic moment in our region for the community  of faith at large, to come together and to demonstratively share our faith with others and give people a chance to hear good news, even in troubled times,” Vann said.

More that 450 churches from the city and suburbs will gather to pray and walk for healing in the City of Detroit.

Pastor David Washington from Canton Christian Fellowship is excited to participate in the year’s walk.

“I’ve been a Christian for 32 years and I’ve never seen the body of Christ come together in such a unified way. So, it’s a celebratory moment, it’s a unifying moment. Praying together and walking together in the spirit of unity and trusting God together,” Washington said.

The Prayer Walk starts at 8:30 Saturday morning in Comerica Park.

A morning event at the beginning of the Prayer Walk will include songs of worship by local musicians and short messages by area pastors including Bishop Edgar Vann from Second Ebenezer Baptist Church in Detroit, Bob Shirock of Oak Pointe Church in Northville, and Christopher Brooks of Evangel Ministries in Detroit.

The Selected of God Choir, recently featured in the Chrysler 300 advertisement shown worldwide on Super Bowl Sunday, will also be featured.

“There is tremendous power in prayer and there is tremendous power in volunteer action”, Vann said in a release. “That is exactly what Jesus commanded us to do – to pray, listen for God’s direction, and then do the work He sets before us.”

The Prayer Walk will include “prayer stations” where participants will pray for different needs along the 1.6-mile walk from Comerica Park to the Spirit of Detroit and back along Woodward Avenue.

Parking will be available to walkers for just $5 a car and some churches will be providing bus or van transportation for some of their members.

“We hope that hearts are opened and we see a time of great renewal for our city and region – both spiritually and physically”, Shirock said in a release. “It all starts with people coming together in the name of Jesus.”

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Comments (3)
  1. Bethany Lauren Canon says:

    I was the very first person to finish, I RAN to the end of it, giving God my last bit of energy, only giving back about a 100th of what I owe him for all the blessings he’s given me! ♥ praise the Lord, for he is truly worth all our time, and all our praise!

    1. Natalie Whatley says:

      I was also apart of the prayer walk this morning and I could not believe the amount of people that showed up, in the rain, to cry out to God and pray for our city. I will speak to my church family (Oak Point) about making this an annual event. I truly enjoyed myself… Thank GOD!

  2. Erin Foster says:

    The prayer walk was AMAZING I felt so blessed to be a part of it!!! I truly believe that Everyone A Chance to Hear will bring awesome and miraculous healing to the city of Detroit. We cannot do it alone and we are NOT called to- Jesus was there yesterday and as this movement continues it’s going to be incredible to see what HE will do!!!

    I completely agree with you Natalie that this should be an annual event- I thought of that yesterday as well!!

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