BENTON HARBOR (WWJ) – A state-appointed emergency financial manager has suspended the decision-making powers of Benton Harbor officials in a move that’s likely the first act of its kind under a new state law.

Friday’s order by Joseph Harris means Benton Harbor officials can only call meetings to order, adjourn them and approve minutes of meetings.

Harris’ move drew a strong rebuke from the AFL-CIO, which represents administrative workers, among others.

The action is likely the first since Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law in March a new statute that grants more powers to emergency managers appointed by the Treasury Department to take over distressed schools and communities.

Comments (3)
  1. Mike says:

    Better get the signatures needed soon to recall Snyder before he topples what little democracy is left in this state. Michigan must set the precedence when it comes to putting down totalitarian rule. It’s like an infectious disease, you have to treat it aggressively.

  2. Lonny Niederstadt says:

    “order by Joseph Harris” is linked to:
    Was it meant to be a link to the April 15th order itself?

  3. Jeff Morrow says:

    The majority of Benton Harbor’s city commission are inept, ignorant, petulant people who have refused to help the emergency finance manager correct the fiscal problems facing the city. They are the ones responsible for the lack of a balanced budget, extremely poor city services, political firings that have cost the city hundreds of thousand of dollars over the years, and mishandling over 17 million dollars in federal funds. If they had done their jobs as elected officials…the state never would have stepped in. It’s just that simple.

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