GIBRALTAR (WWJ)- A rolling gentleman’s club has run afoul of the law. WWJ’s Rob Sanford says a bus stopped in Gibraltar over the weekend turned out to offer more than just transportation.

Police said the bus was brightly painted with the name “Booty Lounge” on it.

The vehicle pulled into a gas station at West Jefferson and Gibraltar Road around 3am Sunday, and caught the eye of an officer.

While its occupants were inside, the officer ran the license plate on the bus and found it belonged to a different vehicle.

Once inside the bus, officers found it was converted into what looked like a mobile strip club, complete with seating, two dance poles and even a bar.

Besides the driver, the bus had three women and a man as passengers.

While there is nothing illegal about the vehicle, police did write several tickets for various violations.

The driver was ticketed for the improper license plate, no insurance and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. He was also was wanted on a warrant in Sterling Heights for a traffic violation.

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