DETROIT (WWJ) – More parental involvement and total community support. Those are two of the ways incoming Detroit Public Schools emergency manager Roy Roberts says he’ll turn around the district.

WWJ’s Interview with Roy Roberts:

Speaking live on WWJ, Thursday morning, Roberts said he wants to give the district’s best teachers a chance to shine. “If we have teachers that can leap tall buildings we don’t want to stand on their capes. If we have others that have a deficiency of knowledge or know-how, we have to make sure they have the tools to get the job done. If we have some that just don’t care and can’t do the job, we’ll remove them from the system,” said Roberts.

The incoming emergency manager for the district admits he doesn’t have a firm turnaround plan yet, but says he knows that one key to improvement is instilling pride in both students and teachers.

“I want us to get to a point in this community where teachers can walk with their heads high and be respected, and we’re only going to do that by performing, getting the job done. And we’re going to put accountability in place so people will do that and can do that,” he said.

Roberts also tells WWJ that it’s time for parents and others to stop sitting on the sidelines. “I decided not to do that because I think it’s a wrong thing to do. This problem is bigger than the city of Detroit, it’ a national problem,” says Roberts, adding, “I’m not foolish enough to believe that I can change the culture or the environment, but we’re going to try to impact everything we can that impacts that student’s life.”

Appointed by Governor Rick Snyder, Roy Roberts will take over for current Detroit Public Schools emergency financial manager Robert Bobb whose contract runs out in June. Roberts, a former General Motors exec, currently is managing director of a private equity investment firm.

  1. A Michigan Resident says:


    Here’s a former GM auto director of sales, marketing and service, a former director or a medical drug company, a former director of an electronics company and an investor in a casino. The guy is also 72 years old, way past retirement. What education knowledge, background and proven accomplishment does this guy bring to the DPS system? He also earned a certificate from a Harvard management program. America is dominated by the professional ubiquitous administrator-manager-leader-Master of the Universe demigod that infects the nation’s ability to resolve its economic problems. The bureaucrat is now taking on politics and educational systems. I’m sure there are better able educators who would bring the experience needed to handle Detroit’s DPS problems. However, the CEO Governor continues to fill assignments with his own kind. In this case I see a mismatch. Good luck DPS

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